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“Koh-Lanta”: “In the final jury, I would have been unanimous, I could have won…”, explains the candidate… – 20 Minutes


At the end of a long and painful episode, it was therefore Fouzi who had to leave Koh-Lanta, Tuesday evening, on TF1. After a trying (for the candidates and the viewers) apnea test, won by Bastien (and Ambre, second finish), Olga was the first to let go. As a result, she was sent to the playoffs. To accompany her, Bastien and Ambre had, before leaving for a night of comfort (very comfortable!), to appoint two companions in misfortune to Olga. Bastien chose Fouzi (“we didn’t make many ties”, he justified himself) and Ambre appointed Jean Charles, with an… original justification: “so that he would have the opportunity to finally win a ordeal.” This was followed by another interminable ordeal of balance, patience and dexterity from which Olga logically emerged as the winner. After a long clumsy duel, it was finally Jean-Charles who was ahead of Fouzi, the super athletic and competitive financial director. Did you understand the reaction of your relatives to your elimination? Yes, I was terribly anxious before the airing the episode because I knew I was going to disappoint them. My family, my loved ones, they were so happy after the episode of linked destinies the previous week, where I got out of it at the last moment. They said to me: “You are on your way to the final, you are going to win, for sure, your path is clear, you have a highway to the posts. This elimination, at that time, is a cold shower. Didn’t you prepare them a bit psychologically for this elimination? No, not at all. Because it was also great to see them watching the episodes with suspense. Until then, they didn’t make too many predictions, but last week, they really started to believe it for me. It’s true that you had a solid alliance, a good physical condition… Yes, I was fine. I didn’t have the role of leader, I wasn’t in the sights, I wasn’t too strong in the events so I wasn’t perceived as a danger. And I think that in the final jury, I would have been unanimous, I could have won… I’m really going for the kind of test that I feared the most. The eliminatory test where I am faced with my defect, impatience. How is that? In Koh-Lanta, I expected more dynamic and physical tests that affect the heart, the cardio. I was prepared for this. There it is the heart in another direction, it is necessary to keep an enormous cold blood, to be skilful. These are not my qualities at all (laughs). When I saw that it was balls, which I knew, I said to myself: “Ohlala, that’s cool for Olga the acrobat, but not for Jean-Charles and me. It is the most focused and patient who will win. Me, I’m shaking deeply. At one point I was close to giving up. I held on so that my family would be proud, so as not to give in to my fault. I’m going to the end but it’s not enough. Are you more angry with yourself or with Bastien who appointed you? (silence) Rather Bastien then? No, no, it’s me, it’s my ordeal, my failure. But today, I digested. I realize that I have had a good career, I have given a good image, I have conveyed good values. And that was important to me because I wanted to break some clichés about dual culture. I showed who I was as a competitor. I wanted to be the first northerner to win Koh-Lanta, to have this pride. But above all, I managed to be straight and honest, I believe. Colin may not agree with that… Yes, I hesitated for a long time before taking this decision to vote against him. I know it was not easy for him but today everything is fine between us. Colin, I got to know him after the adventure. He was angry with me but we were lucky, collectively, to be a season of adventurers who have hindsight, we are just ordinary people who are looking to surpass themselves. Do you have any regrets about the adventure? No. I am very satisfied, for surpassing oneself, for the human side. Not even this story of calories which would be more necessary for men than for women and which earned you a lot of criticism on social networks? I caught a wave. There were shortcuts. What we saw on the screen is not faithful to reality? If so, overall the editing is very faithful to what we experienced. But I regret that this sentence was interpreted like that. On Koh-Lanta we sometimes lose our lucidity, when we are hungry, we say nonsense. How did you experience the reactions? I am not much on social networks so that is fine. And in the street the reactions are super positive. At least I learned a lot about nutrition. What moment would you like people to remember from your adventure? Maybe the call to the family where you see my sensitive side under the shell. I would like that to be remembered from me. And also the moment when I bring fish, because I promised my father.


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