NewsWorldLive: War in Ukraine enters fourth month

Live: War in Ukraine enters fourth month


Published on: 05/24/2022 – 06:42Modified on: 05/24/2022 – 06:51 The war in Ukraine enters its fourth month on Tuesday, as Russian troops focus their offensive on the last pocket of resistance in the Lugansk region in the Donbass. The situation there is “extremely difficult”, assures Volodymyr Zelensky. Follow our live. 6:48 a.m .: Opposed to the war, a Russian diplomat resigns with a bang in Geneva Boris Bondarev, Counselor to the Russian Permanent Representation at the United Nations Office in Geneva, announced with a bang his resignation, affirming in a letter made public that “never” had he been “so ashamed” of his country. 01:09 04:46: Moscow may set up military base in Kherson region The Russian-appointed administration in Ukraine’s Kherson region will ask Moscow to set up a military base there, the agency reported report, quoting a local representative. Adjacent to the Crimean peninsula annexed by Russia in 2014, the Kherson region came under Moscow’s control as part of the offensive launched on February 24, presented as an “operation special military” but which Ukraine and the West denounce as an invasion. A new administration has been set up in the region, where the Russian ruble has entered as a currency. 4:19 a.m .: an “extremely difficult” situation in the Donbass, worries Zelensky “The next weeks of war will be difficult,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky warned Monday evening in his daily televised address. “The Russian occupiers are trying to show that they will not abandon the occupied areas of the Kharkiv region (north-east), that they will not return the Kherson region (south), the occupied territories of the region Zaporizhia (southeast) and the Donbass (east). They are advancing somewhere. They are strengthening their positions elsewhere.”The situation is even “extremely difficult” in the Donbass: the Russians are trying to “eliminate everything that is alive “, accused Volodymyr Zelensky. 1:54 a.m .: Moscow to prioritize relations with China During a question-and-answer session at an event in Moscow, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov assured that Russia would consider any offer from Westerners to re-establish their links and would then determine whether this is necessary. He also indicated that Moscow’s objective was now to strengthen ties with Beijing. Sergei Lavrov criticized Western countries for having adopted a “Russophobia” since the start of the offensive in Ukraine. Russia is working to replace products imported from Western countries and in future will only rely on “reliable” countries not beholden to the West, he said. “We must stop being dependent in any way on deliveries of anything from the West in order to guarantee the development of sectors that are essential for the security, the economy of the social sphere of our homeland.” With AFP and Reuters

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