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War in Ukraine live: Russian soldier sentenced to life in prison for war crime


The strategic Kakhovka dam still under Russian control In the first hours of its attack against Ukraine, at the end of February, the Russian army seized a key dam and hydroelectric power station, located in Nova Kakhovka, in the Kherson region of southern Ukraine, to supply water to the annexed Crimean peninsula. Agence France-Presse was able to go there on May 20, during a press visit organized by the Russian Ministry of Defense, under the permanent surveillance of hooded soldiers armed with submachine guns. The plant, still painted in Ukrainian colors, is considered a sensitive “strategic object”. It is located quite far from the front, further north, but the Russians, who occupy the area, fear “sabotage”. Built in 1956, during the Soviet period, the Kakhovka hydroelectric dam allows water to be sent into the North Crimean Canal, which starts in southern Ukraine and crosses the entire peninsula. But after the 2014 annexation, kyiv turned off the tap. New pro-Russian authorities say water deliveries to Crimea through the canal resumed in early March. According to Vladimir Leontiev, a pro-Russian named responsible by Moscow for the civil and military administration of the Kakhovka district, “all the personnel” of the plant have remained on site and have been working without interruption since February 24. Civilians, after being checked by Russian soldiers, can continue to use the road on the dam which crosses the Dnieper. The plant continues to produce electricity, which joins the unified Ukrainian grid and supplies both areas still under kyiv control and those conquered by Moscow.

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