NewsWorldTaiwan, Sisci: "Greater dangers than in Ukraine"

Taiwan, Sisci: “Greater dangers than in Ukraine”


“This time it is definitely the end of the strategic ambiguity” of the United States. Sinologist Francesco Sisci thus begins by answering Adnkronos’ questions after the words of Joe Biden from Tokyo, with the American president who answered “yes” to a question whether he would be ready for direct military involvement to defend Taiwan from China, which he considers the island – de facto independent – “inalienable part” of its territory. Immediately following Biden’s statements, on his first visit to Asia as president, the White House was quick to clarify that US policy on Taiwan has not changed. But, Sisci points out, the added value of Biden’s words lies in the fact that – compared to similar statements last October, with a similar clarification from the White House – this time the American president was speaking from Tokyo and “is radically changing the situation of Taiwan, therefore the island enters more and more clearly under an orbit of American defense “. And, he says, Biden’s intervention “puts a damper and reassures the nervousness of many Asian countries, starting with Taiwan”, which immediately thanked the American president, “and Japan itself”. An intervention that should not be read one-way because, he continues, if on the one hand “it hurts China, on the other it controls leaks forward against China”. Asian giant who for the moment “has not upped the ante”, he observes, after Beijing diplomacy urged “not to underestimate the determination of the Chinese people”. At a time when, the Sinologist points out, “it is all very, very difficult and these dangers are as great and greater than those in existence today in Ukraine.” in Russia ‘What will China do now? “Trying to throw water on the fire would be a wise choice,” replies Sisci. But, “some of the hawks in Beijing may decide that they should help Russia instead or some of the hawks in Russia may decide to use this situation to stir up new political fires in Asia and China.” According to the sinologist, “it is a consequence of the Russian attack in Ukraine” which “frightened Taiwan, Japan” and beyond, and China “was ambiguous, it did not eliminate these fears in a radical way nor did it choose to go against it. the Russia”. And “this Chinese ambiguity with Russia in normal times could have worked, but in times of war it would not” and “the Ukrainian question” is “increasing tension in Asia as well”. In fact, “we are sailing on sight” in an “extremely” situation. delicate in which it seems China is a prisoner of the ideological framework that prevents it from making leaps in quality that would unblock the situation “. While China’s “years of tension” with its neighbors are difficult to resolve with two handshakes, “Taiwan” should be extremely reassured “by Biden’s words, which” should prevent forward escapes, “but the” domestic politics of the ‘island is difficult to control “.’ ‘China in an increasingly difficult position, accumulation of internal tensions and in the area’ Sisci speaks of a China that” in the near future is certainly in an increasingly difficult position “because” a health cordon is being consolidated “around the Asian giant and because around the People’s Republic” there are more and more points of tension “, starting with North Korea, amidst the food crisis, missile tests,” Covid advancing beyond all control “, in a” situation of great volatility in a country armed with missiles and nuclear warheads “. “It is not clear what North Korea will do, nor what China will do, where for months now the country has been in the coils of a Covid that is unable and unable to control”, he continues, speaking of an “accumulation of tension within and around China “, of a” situation that becomes more tense and dangerous day by day “. Sisci therefore reads Biden’s choices as a “containment of the fears of China’s neighbors” towards the Asian giant, as “an attempt by America to contain and control an increasingly difficult situation.” sugar on duties Last October, the American president had already spoken during a town hall on CNN after Chinese leader Xi Jinping had returned to reiterate that the “reunification” of Taiwan, a “rebel province” for Beijing, is “inevitable”. The United States will defend Taiwan in the event of an attack by China, Biden said, “we have a commitment on this.” Under the ‘one China’ policy, the US does not recognize the island as an independent state from China, but under the Taiwan Relations Act of 1979 the US is committed to supplying Taipei with defense weapons. to today’s words on Taiwan, “which somehow hit the most sensitive point of relations between China and the United States”, Biden – notes Sisci – also announced “this new economic community in Asia. The reference is to the Indo- Pacific Economic Framework (Ipef), an initiative that the sinologist considers “potentially even more delicate” because “it creates a huge economic community that competes with China.” The goal of the Ipef is to strengthen trade relations between the US and the 12 countries involved (Australia, Brunei, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam). There is no Taiwan. There is however, Sisci concludes, “a sugary “, the fact that Biden said he is” consid he was “the lifting of some trade tariffs on Chinese goods, with a reference to the measures imposed by the Trump administration.

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