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Smallpox is spreading to other countries: IMPORTANT NOTICE for travelers abroad! –


The coronavirus was also far from us at first. A few weeks have passed since the first case in China, and the first cases were immediately recorded in France, Italy, Austria and finally Slovakia. We have been fighting the pandemic for more than two years and we are still not sure that it will not return. The scenario for smallpox is still chillingly similar. First Africa, then the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Italy or France. Over the weekend, they reported the first cases in Belgium and the Middle East, specifically in Israel. However, public health officials say that it is different with smallpox. Neither Slovakia nor Europe is an endemic area for smallpox. This means that even if the disease occurs here, there is no presumption that there will be a mass spread. “We do not anticipate large-scale epidemics,” they said. Smallpox smallpox is a rare viral infection similar to smallpox, but usually has milder manifestations. It is not a new disease, it was first reported in 1970 in the African Congo. Cases outside Africa arouse professional interest, and after the coronavirus the public is afraid of infection. Read more Is the LGBTQ community festival to blame? Spanish authorities are checking the epicenter of smallpox! The causative agents are probably infected wild monkeys, which hunt and process meat in Africa. After the virus passes from animal to human, it can also be transmitted between humans. “Longer and more intensive contact with the infected person is needed for the development of the disease in humans. The incubation time is usually six to 16 days, it can be up to 21, “said Júlia Adamčíková, head of the Department of Surveillance of Infectious Diseases of the Institute of Infectious Diseases. Several of the patients in Britain are gay or bisexual men. The article continues on the next page: What are the symptoms of smallpox? THIS first »» »

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