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LIVE – War in Ukraine: all Russian forces launched on Donbass, Duda applauded in kyiv on the European Union – BFMTV


10:08EU says EU fiscal rules will remain suspended in 2023 due to war in UkraineEU fiscal rules will remain suspended in 2023 due to war in Ukraine, the European Commission said on Monday. 9:43 The verdict of the first trial for war crimes in Ukraine expected this Monday The verdict in the first trial for war crimes is due to be delivered this Monday in kyiv. A 21-year-old Russian soldier is accused of killing a 62-year-old civilian who was pushing his bicycle while on the phone. During the trial last week, Vadim Chichimarine said he was “sincerely sorry” and “asked for forgiveness” from the widow of the victim, justifying his act by the “orders” received at that time. The prosecutor requested life imprisonment. 9:01 “The taboo has fallen”: Bernard Guetta believes that a European defense is now possible Renew MEP Bernard Guetta estimated that the establishment of a European defense was now a hypothesis conceivable by the members of the EU, this Monday on BFMTV, assuring that “the taboo has fallen”. “The question is whether we are building a European pillar of the Atlantic which would be made of a European defense”, he declared. “Today, there is no longer any opposition to this union in the EU. 4-5 years ago, this idea was only French”, he recalled .8:54Bernard Guetta considers a Russian nuclear attack in Ukraine “rationally speaking impossible”, but as was the Russian aggression in UkraineA Russian nuclear attack in Ukraine? This possibility is “impossible”, “rationally speaking” declared MEP Bernard Guetta on BFMTV on Monday. “Rationally speaking, it is impossible, but rationally speaking, Russian aggression against Ukraine was impossible”, declared Bernard Guetta.”I can’t tell you that it’s excluded, but still (…) there is a chain of command, the president is not alone”, he estimated.8: 44MEP Bernard Guetta believes that Vladimir Poutine “could perfectly lose this war”Bernard Guetta, MEP Renew, estimated on BFMTV that three scenarios were on the table concerning the evolution of the conflict in Ukraine, but that Vladimir Poutine could “perfectly lose this war”. According to him, either “Putin conquers 3 square centimeters more and proclaims a great victory”, or “a kind of coup d’etat in Moscow” occurs or “the war drags on”.8: 13Joe Biden believes that Russia must pay the “long-term” price for its inva US President Joe Biden said in Tokyo on Monday that Russia must “pay a long-term price” for its “barbarism in Ukraine” in terms of sanctions imposed by the United States and its allies. it’s not just about Ukraine,” Biden said. Because if “the sanctions were not maintained in many respects, then what signal would that send to China about the cost of an attempt to take Taiwan by force?”, he wondered.8 :05Ukraine admits to suffering “more and more” in the DonbassThe situation is becoming “more and more difficult” for the Ukrainians in the Donbass where Moscow is bombarding Severodonetsk “24 hours a day”, admitted Sergei Gaïdaï, governor of the region Lugansk “All Russian forces are concentrated in the Lugansk and Donetsk regions,” he said on Telegram. Same with armament. “Everything is concentrated here,” added the governor, including the famous anti-aircraft and anti-missile complexes S-300 and S-400, equivalent to the American Patriots. “They use scorched earth tactics, they deliberately destroy the city” with aerial bombardments, multiple rocket launchers, mortars or tanks firing on buildings, he added, referring in particular to Severodonetsk.4:19Russia says it is ready to resume talksRussian negotiator Vladimir Medinsky said on Sunday that Russia was ready to resume peace talks with Ukraine, assuring that their suspension was due to kyiv. “For our part, we are ready to continue the dialogue,” said Vladimir Medinsky, adviser to the Kremlin in charge of negotiations with kyiv, in an interview with Belarusian television. “The freezing of the talks was entirely an initiative of Ukraine”, he added, believing that the “ball was in their court”.4:18Ukraine: a may Moscow-appointed mayor injured in blast The Moscow-installed mayor of Energodar, a southern Ukrainian city hosting Europe’s largest nuclear power plant, was injured in an explosion on Sunday, a Ukrainian official and news agencies said. Russian press. Andrei Shevchik was appointed mayor of Energodar after Russian troops took control of this city and the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant located on its territory. “We have precise confirmation that during the explosion, Shevchik , the self-proclaimed head of the ‘people’s administration’, and his bodyguards were injured”, announced on Telegram Dmytro Orlov, mayor-elect of Energodar. The latter added that they were in hospital ” with injuries of varying severity”, but the circumstances of the explosion remain to be clarified.4:18More than 100 million uprooted people in the world, according to the UNRussia’s invasion of Ukraine has pushed for the first times the number of people The number of uprooted people worldwide has exceeded 100 million, the United Nations warned on Monday. “The number of people forced to flee conflict, violence, human rights abuses and 100 million for the first time, as a result of the war in Ukraine and other deadly conflicts,” wrote the High Commissioner for Refugees in a press release. “The figure of 100 million is striking, a source of concern and gives reflect. This is a number that should never have been reached,” said the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi.>> Our full article4:17Hello everyone! war in Ukraine.

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