NewsWorldThe man's executor confiscated the apartment and ended up...

The man’s executor confiscated the apartment and ended up on the street. He broke into the apartment at night and set it on fire, then reached for life –


TRENČÍN / He had debts, so he had to move out of the apartment and he became homeless. It’s about a man from Trenčín who ended his life by jumping from the apartment he lost. But he had set it on fire before. It started burning on the seventh floor. After the arrival of the firefighters, the apartment was already on fire. “The flames were visible through the window and we saw a person lying on the ground without signs of life,” says Radoslav Koprivňanský, the commander of the intervention of the Fire and Rescue Corps in Trenčín. “One person jumped out of the apartment window. Unfortunately, she was injured by the fall,” said Katarína Kuzmová, a spokeswoman for the Regional Directorate of the Police Force in Trenčín. It was the former owner of the apartment, who had to move out of it. But he came back here in the morning. The firefighters did not have to evacuate the inhabitants of the block of flats. “The fire originated in a two-room apartment, things were burning in it. The fire and smoke did not spread to other areas, so evacuation was not necessary,” Radoslav Koprivňanský explained. The flames went out quickly. The premises were ventilated and then police experts came to the scene. “The investigator has started prosecuting the crime of general endangerment in parallel with the crime of death,” Kuzmová concluded.

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