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Sad words of Abrham’s sister about the cause of his death! If it was NOT THIS, he could still be here … –


The sudden death of Josef Abrham, the eldest († 82), of all members of his family was greatly affected. The actor’s sister, who loved him, is also very sorry for his departure for eternity. She revealed that they were still talking to each other that day. “At least we said goodbye over the phone,” the troubled Božena Abrhámová (87), nicknamed Boca, told Until recently, according to her, her brother came to see her in person and in the company of her son. “Pepa was still perfectly fine, I even walked cleverly up the stairs to me,” the actor’s sister pointed out. She explained that Brother Joseph was not quite helpless, as many had reason to think, given that he had come to the poor wife’s funeral last year in a wheelchair and looked really exhausted. According to her, it was mainly because he was completely crushed by Libuška’s death, weak and did not want to stumble in front of the public. Apparently he benefited from the care of his son, because he moved in a wheelchair even during the life of Libuška, who often pushed him and taught him to move on it independently. Take a look at the joint film moments of Josef and Libuška: Božena Abrhámová also revealed details about the cause of death. On Sunday night, her nephew called to take her father to the hospital because he was suddenly offended. Pneumonia, which can probably be considered the main cause of death, was to blame. Not knowing how he came to him, his sister said nothing more. The next day, she called her brother at the hospital. She wanted to know directly from his words how to greet him and greet him. “I called Pep on Monday. They put him on loud interception and we could talk beautifully,” said the agitated Mrs. Boca. At the time, she had no idea that this was their last conversation and a farewell greeting. Only a few hours later, Josef Abrham breathed his last. “Pepa had health problems, but he would still be fine with us if this didn’t happen. And enough, please, I don’t have the strength to talk about it,” said the poor sister of poor Abrham, and tears welled up in her eyes. They all ease the pain by the thought of meeting his beloved wife again. They were an inseparable couple and only 11 months after her departure he went to see her. Read also Žilková shocks: Abrham’s death is beautiful news! Other personalities also commented, including the president of Čaputová, the late actor Josef Abrhám, who was succeeded by his only son, Josef Abrhám Jr. (44), who is a director, screenwriter and producer. With his second wife, Slovenská Ľudmila, he has a small daughter and a son who made the grandfather a nice company. From his first marriage, Abrham’s son has two clever sons, Josef (14) and Antonín (12). Certainly the widower was grateful to his son for his care, and that is why he decided to give up his inheritance from his wife in his favor. He himself needed nothing more than basic things, and the most important thing was the love of his family.

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