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today 00:09 | MMA fighter Karlos Vémola won the main match of the Oktagon Underground boxing tournament at the O2 Arena in Prague. Rapper Otakar “Marp” defeated Petrina after a controversial referee. Main card up to 84 kg: Karlos Vémola (CZE) – Otakar „Marpo“ Petřina (CZE) – TKO (4th round, 2:35)
up to 91 kg: Miloš Petrášek (CZE) – Samuel Krištofič (SVK) – points draw (37-40, 40-37, 38-38)
up to 64 kg: Jonas Magard (DEN) – Václav Sivák (CZE) – for points (36-40, 36-40, 36-40)
up to 77 kg: Ronald Paradeiser (SVK) – Vladimír Moravčík (SVK) – points (37-40, 38-39, 37-39)
up to 91 kg: Václav Mikulášek (CZE) – Michal Kotalík (CZE) – for points (39-37, 37-39, 39-37)
up to 85 kg: Leandro Silva (BRA) – Marek Mazuch (SVK) – KO (2nd round, 0:49) Prelims up to 62 kg: Lucie Sedláčková (CZE) – Milena Kolevaová (BUL) – for points (59-56)
up to 71 kg: Vladimír Lengál (CZE) – Michael Krčmář (CZE) – for points (39-38, 39-38, 39-37)
up to 75 kg: Milan Paleš (SVK) – Jakub Bahník (CZE) – for points (40-37, 40-36, 40-36)
* up to 69 kg: Luděk Greguš (CZE) – Alessio Malatesta (ITA) – for points (30-25, 30-25, 30-25)
* up to 91 kg: Melvin Mané (CZE) – Adam Kosut (POL) – KO (1st round, 1:38)
* – Thai boxing in small gloves, other boxing We are expanding the article with information about the two main matches and the statements of the fighters … It was far from a textbook boxing, quite the opposite. No wonder, because the Achilles’ heel of Vémol is just an attitude and according to the courses he started as an outsider. However, he found a way to score against a more technical opponent. Each round had the same course. Vémola ran out of his corner, driving his opponent to the ropes, pushing him his head forward and giving his blows. “Marpo” did not try to scare him, he waited in the block for the opportunity to intervene. The spectators were not inspired by the monotonous course and from the first round they roared with thunder. The color did not change until the 4th round, when the referee waved off the end 25 seconds before the end under continued pressure from Vémol. “Marpo” was not shaken or counted. After the premature end, he pushed the referee and raged, as well as less than 20,000 fans at the O2 Arena. The winner was also angry. “Shit,” Vémola said as he came to thank “Marp” for the match. After announcing the verdict accompanied by a whistle, he took the microphone: “Trust me, I also disagree. But we both sacrificed a lot and we don’t deserve you to whistle. “After the continuing dissatisfaction of the audience, he added:” Be as much as you want. We’ll both get paid, let us. ”He gave the opponent respect:“ ‘Marpo’ is hard as a stone. He’s the toughest singer in the country. “In a tense atmosphere, he shouted into the microphone. Instead of encouraging him, you’re buzzing … “” Marpa, “of course, was angry at the premature end of the duel.” I’ve never been shaken. I guess I wasn’t that active, I don’t know. ”Vémola won in his first and most likely last boxing duel. He struggled after a 14-month break due to injuries. The next one will be presented in the MMA on June 4 at Oktagon 33 in Frankfurt against the Pole Michal Pasternak. “Marpo” will play in RFA against Ilya Konkonrich in December. The pirate did not believe the draw. The drone from the stands sounded even after the point verdict of the main pre-match. Samuel “Pirate” Krištofič seemed to score Miloš Petrášek. He celebrated the victory and the Czech opponent also seemed to be reconciled to the loss. However, while one referee scored a 40-37 victory for Krištofič, the other gave a draw and the third even saw Petrášek’s 40-37 victory. Slovak dynamite puts UFC veteran Marek Mazuch to death and confirmed the owner’s label for one of the toughest blows on the domestic scene. He clearly lost the 1st round against Brazilian UFC veteran Leandra “Apollo” Silva. The Slovak was slower, he asked for blows in the open cover. “He chose Homer Simpson’s tactics, he will break his hands,” commented Ondřej Novotný, a commentator and promoter of the organization. Leander “Apollo” Silva’s story: Also read From the UFC favela to the Octagon title. Apollo: My mother was beaten, they wanted me … “Apollo” performed a typical show and the clear course of the 1st round seemed to gain too much self-confidence. Mazuch put a serious face in the 2nd round and immediately caught the title challenger in Oktagon. He started with the left hook of the opponent and sent him into the ropes with the right. Silva fell to the floor, not even trying to get up. He did not maintain stability even when the coaches helped him to his feet. Former professional soldier Mazuch has a future in MMA, where he has a balance of 6-0. Oktagon champion with spanking from world champion WAKO world champion in Czech kickboxing Václav Sivák took the position of Oktagon champion in bantam scale Dan Jonas Magard to school. Sivák had a significant advantage during the entire duel and tried to finish ahead of the limit. Magard showed tremendous resilience and brought the fight to a point resolution. The paradeiser troubled the legendary Moravčík The Slovak clash of generations and combat disciplines had a surprisingly balanced course. The title challenger of the Octagon Ronald Paradeiser tormented the attitude legend and six-time world champion in the organizations Enfusion, WMC, WFCA, W5 Vladimír Moravčík. The 40-year-old “Dracula” won the points, but Paradeiser and many fans were convinced of the triumph of the MMA fighter. Vladimír Moravčík’s story: Read also VIDEO: Hamšík and Vlhová congratulate. Moravčík: As a Slav, I defeated Barcelona … Baba Jaga won after 3 years, arguing with the audience One of the most controversial fighters of the domestic scene Václav “Baba Jaga” Mikulášek won for the first time since October 2019, respectively after a series of three losses. Despite injuring a stronger hand at the beginning of the match, he scored Michal Kotalík, who returned after three and a half years in prison. Mikulášek, who instinctively tried to takedown in the 1st round, won after a disunity verdict of the referees. Fans whistled after the announcement of the result, the fighter sent them links. They showed mutual respect with Kotalík. The only professional match of the evening The Prelims card culminated in a single professional match in the official statistics with the Czech boxing star Lucia Sedláčková. The junior world champion, European WBO champion and holder of the WBC silver belt with a balance of 15-1 (1) defeated the much more difficult Bulgarian Milena Kolevaová. Read also Dracula Moravčík sucked the life out of Daniš in the 1st round. The winner of the crushing pyramid Paleš The Slovak attitude icon and champion Enfusion Cage Events Xtreme Standup Milan “Minči” Paleš also presented himself at the tournament. The representative of the Žilina Diamond Gym and the winner of the Last Man Standing pyramid technically and at speed clearly surpassed the Czech ninth of the Octagon in light weight Jakub Bahník and won the points.

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