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This video does not show the King of Bahrain with his robot bodyguard


Published on: 05/18/2022 – 12:33 In this video published on TikTok on May 14, we would see an overarmed and revolutionary “bodyguard robot” protecting the King of Bahrain. The 2019 video actually shows “Titan,” a harmless semi-mechanized robot costume designed to entertain. Verification in a nutshell A video on TikTok claims to show the King of Bahrain’s “robot bodyguard”, touted as a feat of over-armed defense technology. The video is not recent as it was taken in February 2019 during an exhibition in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. It’s actually a semi-mechanized suit created in 2004, controlled by a human hidden inside. He doesn’t have a taser or machine guns but he can shoot water with his eyes to amuse the gallery. In this video posted on TikTok on May 14, we see what appears to be a large humanoid robot more than two meters tall, looking like Transformers, following a man wearing a keffiyeh amid loud jerky mechanical noises. According to the caption of the video, it would be a “bodyguard robot” belonging to the “king [de] Bahrain”. @lilkaline It is armed with an electric teaser, a non-Secondary 360 degree integrated camera system with a set of infrared cameras, 3 hidden machine guns with enough ammo to fight 1050 men and a machine gun from sniper to laser-guided.He also carries medicine and waterThe guard costs around 7.4 million US dollars ♬ original sound – Lil Kaline Official The video has already amassed three million views in just two days.According to his legend, still, this “robot bodyguard” is part of the “fourth industrial revolution” and would be “armed with an electric taser” or even “three hidden machine guns with enough ammunition to fight 1050 men and a machine gun of laser guided sniper”. It can also be seen in recent days on Facebook here or there. A video from February 2019 during an exhibition in Abu Dhabi. A reverse image search from the mini ature of the video (see here how to proceed) allows you to find various occurrences of the video, already shared with the same caption. They also claim that it is the “King of Bahrain and his robot bodyguard”, as here on Twitter in August 2020, showing that this allegation is now the majority on search engines. But under these different occurrences of the video, several people nevertheless indicate that it is false information and refer to its original version, titled, in English: 2.5-meter Titan robot welcomes visitors to the Idex, the international exhibition Emirates Defense Exhibition, Abu Dhabi.” The now-deleted video has been archived several times. It has also been reposted under the same title here. This edition of the Emirati International Defense Exhibition in Abu Dhabi took place from February 17 to 21, 2019 and brought together various arms and defense players from all over the world.Despite all the stands which presented the latest defense technologies, the famous “Titan robot” was rather there to amuse the gallery. A robotic costume designed to entertain Titan is not really a “robot”, it is actually a so-called “semi-mechanized” robot costume created in 2004 and developed by the British robotics company “Cyberstein robots”. This means that a human inside physically and mechanically controls it. The semi-mechanized robot can be seen in several other videos filmed during the 2019 Abu Dhabi International Defense Expo. seen speaking in English and Arabic. He wears the same paramilitary jacket as on the first video, on which one can read “Titan”, as well as several Emirati flags (at the level of his “chest” and his arms.) In this photo published in February 2018 on the account Instagram of “Titan the robot”, we can see Titan with his paramilitary jacket and the Emirati flag on the chest. Despite its air of a robot-killer, “Titan the Robot” does not hide any weapon under its metallic shell, it is on the contrary rather harmless. Cyberstein robots indeed presents its creation as a way to animate events of all kinds. Titan can speak in English, French, Arabic and Italian, play different sounds and lights, or shoot water jets from his eyes. “Titan’s antics are adored by children and adults alike” summarizes Cyberstein on their website. Note also that the man we see in the video has not been the king of Bahrain at all since 2002 , Hamed bin Issa Al Khalifa. In this photo, dating from May 2019, three months after the date of the video supposed to represent him, we see that he is older and larger than the man in a keffiyeh in front of Titan, and that he wears a mustache. On the left, the man in the video walking in front of Titan. On the right, Hamed ben Issa Al Khalifa, King of Bahrain, in 2016 © Les Observateurs de France 24 Titan the robot has been able to show his different qualities as an animator on various occasions, such as during fashion week parades in New York or again at a Rihanna concert. On April 22, he even went to “incredibly talented Britain”… and passed his audition brilliantly. This intox claiming to show a bodyguard robot has been circulating for at least 2020, and had already been verified at the time by our colleagues from Fake off of the French media 20 minutes.

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