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Audiences: Back in the lead but in sharp decline for “Candice Renoir”, “Stereo Club” leader FRDA, France 3 weak – OZAP


Friday evening, “Candice Renoir” resumed service on France 2 at the top of the audience rankings. The first two episodes of season 10, still led by Cécile Bois and Raphaël Lenglet, were followed on average, according to Médiamétrie, by 4.29 million viewers, which represents 24.6% of the public aged four and over. (4+). On the target of Women Purchasing Managers under 50 (FRDA-50), the audience share reached 13.4%. On Friday August 27, 2021, the launch of season 9 had gathered an average of 5.22 million program followers, or 27.8% of the entire public and 16.1% of the FRDA-50. The fiction therefore misled nearly a million fans between the two season launches. Read also Audiences Audiences access 8 p.m.: No Elisabeth Borne effect on TF1’s “20 Hours”, “The… Audiences “In therapy”: What results for season 2 of the French series on Arte? Camille Combal powerful leader FRDA TF1 is second with the launch of “Stereo Club”, the new musical show embodied by Camille Combal. For its premiere in the air, the entertainment piqued the curiosity of 2.73 million fans for its P1, which represents 14.7% of the entire audience.With an audience share of 31.1% on the FRDA -50, the front page is the broad leader on this privileged target of advertisers. The second part, broadcast from 10:26 p.m., attracted just 2.00 million viewers (15.6% of the public and 30.6% of the FRDA-50 Last Friday, the season 3 finale of “Mask Singer”, already hosted by Camille Combal, captivated 3.47 million followers, or 21.6% of 4+ and 40.2% of FRDA-50s. M6 is behind with a new number of “Cauchemar en cuisine”. The program led with an iron fist by Philippe Etchebest was interested yesterday in a restaurant in great difficulty in Châtel-Guyon, in the heart of Auvergne. The celebrity chef’s intervention attracted the interest of 1.77 million viewers, which represents 10.0% of the general public and 17.5% of the FRDA-50. On March 14, a Monday, the last unpublished episode of “Nightmare in the kitchen” had fascinated 3.03 million gourmands, or 15.2% of the entire public and 31.7% of the FRDA-50. This was a historic record on the commercial target. France 3 is at the foot of the podium with “Romy, free woman”, an unpublished French documentary and directed by Lucie Cariès and Clémentine Deroudille. 1.21 million viewers paid tribute to Romy Schneider, who died almost 40 years ago, or 6.7% of 4+ and 3.0% of FRDA-50. Last Friday, the unpublished documentary “Secret archives: Friends first”, proposed by Laurent Delahousse, was followed on La Trois by 1.69 million viewers, or 9.6% of the public and 2.3% on the FRDA-50. Leonardo DiCaprio struggling on TMC What about the other channels? Arte mobilized the attention of 890,000 viewers in front of “Juliette dans son bain” (2022), comedy with André Dussolier and Marisa Berenson, or 4.8% of the public (1.5% of FRDA-50). On TMC, finally, “Before the Deluge”, an American film directed by Fisher Stevens with Leonardo DiCaprio and Ki-moon Ban, programmed as part of the biodiversity weekend, interested 332,000 viewers (1.9% of 4+ and 4.0% of FRDA-50).

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