NewsWorldUkraine, Di Maio: "Serial provocateur Salvini"

Ukraine, Di Maio: “Serial provocateur Salvini”


“I think Salvini is a serial provocateur so I won’t answer him. But I’m happy that he too says to seek peace because in the face of a war all political forces should be on the same side. So first of all condemn Russia for the unjustified invasion and help the Ukrainians, without giving the idea that now we want to abandon them “. Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio says this in an interview with La Stampa. Italy is working for peace, he says, with a reference to the Italian plan, and adds: “If we really want to invest in this direction, I ask for a pact between all the political forces: let’s invest more in diplomacy. GDP is 0.14 percent. We should bring it to at least 0.2, on average with other European countries: it would be a clear signal “. Country attacked, Ukraine, and condemn the aggressor, that is Russia. Italy works for peace, moreover Zelensky has repeatedly opened negotiations with Russia, but still no response has arrived from Putin ” .

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