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Ice Hockey World Championship: Two stupid fouls by Kristián Pospíšil. Craig Ramsay: I decided not to play – SPORT.SK


today 07:15 | The Slovak hockey players entered the fifth match at the World Championships very well. They were more active, they had pressure and they also scored the leading goal. But then came two disqualifications within four minutes and two power-ups in Kazakhstan. They both took advantage and led 2: 1 out of nowhere. Read also VIDEO: World Hockey Championship: Slovakia scored fully in the existential match, Kazakhstan … In both situations, forward Kristián Pospíšil traveled to the penalty bench. In the first case for an unnecessary cross out of the game, in the second for running into a guardrail. “It simply came to our notice then. Until the fouls came and we got two similar goals after a shot and a hit. It was also two random goals, “said assistant coach Andrej Podkonický. Both goals fell after Adam Húska hit the puck with concrete, which got on the opponent’s stick and he scored. Kristián Pospíšil did not intervene in the second period. The same was true in the previous match with Switzerland, where he played only the first act. He could not proceed at the time due to injury. And now? “He did not play for fouls. The first did not have to do, the second was debatable, but it turned the match around completely, “revealed Andrej Podkonický. Read also the World Hockey Championship: Juraj Slafkovský: I think we calmed everyone down … Craig Ramsay also commented on Kristián Pospíšil. He was talkative during the interview, but he was not very talked about. “Sometimes players play enough, other times they don’t play much,” the Canadian coach said in a nutshell. Who decided not to intervene in the second period and Jakub Minárik to take his place in the second attack? “I made it.” Did an experienced Canadian coach tell Kristián Pospíšil anything after the first period? “I did not tell him anything. I told the team we had to be a team, ”said Craig Ramsay, who called both fouls stupid. Kristián Pospíšil played in the tournament before the mentioned two duels, in which he was on the ice only in the first period, the previous three matches. He scored one goal in them. Read also the program of matches of Slovakia at the World Hockey Championship 2022 Read also the World Hockey Championship 2022: Everything you need to know about the championship in one place

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