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Moskvich returns: Near Moscow they will produce Moskvich again. Will they look like this? –


JAC Heyue A30
Source: JAC Motors Where else than in a factory near Moscow to produce Moskvich. The question is, why? The renewal of the Moskvich brand was announced by the mayor of Moscow after Renault agreed with NAMI to sell more than 67% of its stake in Russia’s AvtoVaz division and to sell its stake in the aforementioned factory in Moscow. Renault arrived years after the original plant closed and in 2005 began manufacturing its cars in part of the site. Mostly they were transformed Dacie able to meet the specific requirements of the Russian market. It was Renault that had the most significant position in Russia, and the loss of the Russian market is a real blow to the French carmaker. In his blog, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said that the historic plant would continue to produce cars and that none of the current skilled workers would lose their jobs. Renault is definitely leaving the Russian market in this way, but it gives its 45,000 employees in Russia the hope that someone will pay them in state hands and may even have something to do. Although it may not seem like it, the massive group of employees contains, in addition to production skills, also a design talent, it is enough to mention that the Arkana model comes from the Russian Renault, even though it was built on the foundations of Dacie Duster. At the same time, Renault retained the option to repurchase up to six years after its departure. Only if the world is normal again. Reuters was able to obtain further details. It seems that the production of Moskvich will start in Moscow, but they will not stand on the foundations of old machines from the Soviet era, but should use the Chinese platform from the JAC car manufacturer. Reuters reports that negotiations on the use of the platform, design and “know-how” are already underway, followed by JAC and Kamaz. The road to China is open to Russians, and Muscovites can benefit from long-standing cooperation between Russian truck manufacturer Kamaz and JAC. Representatives of individual companies Kamaz and Moskvich did not want to comment on this, but there is probably no other way out. Not only because the Russians need cars, the factory needs to produce and they will not be able to import anything other than rebranded Chinese cars to Moscow in the short time they have set themselves to import. According to the Russian financial daily Vedomosti, production should start in the fourth quarter of this year. So I looked at what the Chinese carmaker JAC Motors produces and until recently produced, and I have a few tips on what the new Moskvich could stand for. JAC Motors sold half a million cars last year, so it is one of the smaller ones, but the Chinese car market is quite intertwined and JAC, for example, has a partnership with Volkswagen and also once produced cars that now belong to a completely different entity. In short, JAC is dedicated to both commercial vehicles and passenger cars, and several of those passenger cars still see an effort to copy Western vehicles. The similarity with certain models can be seen especially on older cars, because the latest ones already look better in the case of all sub-brands of passenger cars. JAC Motors manufactures cars under the Refine and Jiayue brands. While the Refine and Jiayue brands hide mainly more expensive and larger cars, the Heyue brand, which is currently disappearing, had several crossovers in its portfolio and recently produced the Heyue A30 model – essentially a compact cheap sedan that had a 1.5-liter Podkapota. four-cylinder and manual or CVT transmission. This is my first tip. A simple car of simple shapes, which after some minor modifications could quickly start producing in Russia. It is an older model, about 10 years old, and the Chinese would not have to worry about their know-how. You can find it in the gallery. Then there’s the even smaller Heyue A20 sedan, which JAC sells today as the iEV7 – the electric car. Again, a sedan from the segment that we would call the B, again a car that has a chance of success in Russia. If the Russians wanted to show off and make something that looks more ostentatious, or it’s more modern in terms of bodywork, they could either go to a larger sedan named J5 or they could try to master a small S2 or S4 crossover. These are all cars with internal combustion engines that JAC sells today with a modification for electric cars. Of course, there may be nothing from the cooperation with JAC Motors and maybe another carmaker can be found to reach an agreement with the Russians. It is certain that licensed Renaults can no longer build in Renault factories, sanctions will not allow it. In other AvtoVaz plants, they try to maintain production by “dismantling” the Lados produced from foreign components that the Russians are unable to produce at home.

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