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New government: Justine Benin, an ultramarine in charge of the Sea – Le Figaro


MP various left, the Guadeloupe had notably been rapporteur for the Commission of Inquiry into pollution with chlordecone, three years ago. An ultramarine in charge of the maritime file. Justine Benin, current MP for the second constituency of Guadeloupe, has just been appointed Secretary of State for the Sea in Elisabeth Borne’s team. Elected in 2017 under the label “various left” against a candidate from LREM, she had finally sat as “related” to the MoDem group on the benches of the National Assembly during the five years of the legislature which is ending. Read alsoNew government: Yaël Braun-Pivet, an ambitious parliamentarian promoted to Overseas been able to stand out over the years. In particular in June 2019 when she was appointed rapporteur for the Commission of Inquiry into Chlordecone Pollution, leading her to submit a report a few months later which questions the responsibility of the State for pollution in the West Indies. And which advocates dozens of recommendations to repair the damage done to the environment. She will replace Annick Girardin A year later, Justine Benin filed at the end of 2020, with a colleague, a bill to the National Assembly on the governance of drinking water and sanitation in this department. A territory that has been experiencing major difficulties in this area for decades. In her new portfolio where she will replace Annick Girardin, – outgoing Minister of the Sea after nearly eight years in government -, the native of Guadeloupe will thus be able to continue her ecological commitment. To hope to ensure an extension within the executive beyond the month of June, she will undoubtedly have to be re-elected in her constituency during the next legislative elections. SEE ALSO – Reshuffle: “It’s a perfectly Macronian government”

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