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Ukraine Russia Online: According to Zelenský, Donbas is completely destroyed – SME


MEPs have supported the suspension of EU import duties on all goods imported from Ukraine for a period of one year. The aim of the measure is to support the country’s economy. 515 MEPs called for temporary trade liberalization, 32 were against and 11 abstained. The measures were adopted under an accelerated procedure to allow them to be adopted in the EP plenary. In practice, the application of these measures will mean that import duties on industrial products, entry duties on fruit and vegetables, as well as anti-dumping duties and safeguard measures on steel imports will be completely eliminated for a period of one year. “That is why we must support Ukraine at all levels with all the tools at our disposal: not only weapons and sanctions, but Our struggle does not end with providing the necessary support to Ukraine to defend itself. We must also make sure that the Ukrainian economy remains resilient and competitive, “she described the situation. international proceedings and courts in support of the prosecution of the Russian and Belarusian governments for war evil crimes against humanity, genocide and aggression that took place during the Russian invasion of Ukraine. European lawmakers demand that these investigations and subsequent prosecutions also apply to all employees of the Russian armed forces and government officials involved in war crimes. (TASR)

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