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yesterday 11:30 | He came to Sered after successful years in Spartak. Marián Černý held the position of general manager at ŠKF and tried to move the club forward from one of the smallest places on the premier league map. He, too, had to say sadly that the Sereď football competition in the highest competition since the summer would end. General manager MARIÁN ČERNÝ admitted that the third league may become a reality for Sereď Can you confirm the news that Sereď will no longer be part of our league? “Despite the fact that it will be the most successful season for us and we will take fifth place, Sereď is definitely ending in the first league competition. At the last minute, we decided not to file a license appeal, so we would not receive the necessary documents for the 2022/23 season. The reason is the fact that ŠKF has not been able to meet the infrastructure criteria for operating in our league for a long time. I have debated everything with the management of the Union of League Clubs, which manages the competition and has to take further steps. ”The move to Nitra, where the city council met on Monday, was at stake. Why didn’t it work out? “Before, we sat in person with representatives of the Nitra self-government. If the stadium lease agreement was signed, I cannot imagine that there would be two entities operating in the football complex, FC Nitra and ŠKF Sereď. I also speak based on what I have seen and experienced. We felt very hostile to our club. ”Payouts are three months late. What do you intend to do about it? “Openly, we are in a financial slump, waiting for certain receivables to bring money to our account. We need to address other issues in the coming days and hours. We will try to meet all financial matters towards the players and members of the implementation team. We will look for a solution and an agreement with those who have valid contracts for the next period, so that we can look everyone in the eye. ”How many players end the summer contracts? “It’s more than seventy percent of the team. Since we were dealing with the future of the club, we did not even proceed to extend them. We will definitely talk to everyone before the holidays. ”The first league fell. It is probably premature to say what to do next. Is there anything you can say about the future? “The next steps will be debated by the ŠKF Board of Directors, where the subsequent direction will be determined. It is difficult to say at this point in which competition the team will operate. Personally, I don’t think we even meet the license terms for the second league. With good will, there is a risk of a third and lower competition. ”ŠKF Sereď players in training at the Seredi Stadium Source: TASR Activity has been developed regarding the construction of a new stadium in Seredi. SFZ was to provide around 750 thousand euros. Why have all attempts failed and so far the work has not moved forward more seriously? “The construction of the stadium was in charge of the town of Sereď. We have received reports several times that this will be resolved and the reconstruction of the football complex will begin. Although I wanted to, I couldn’t influence and speed it up from my position. We were active, but the situation did not change. The initial cost of the new stadium was about four million euros, after the pandemic period, the price would certainly increase significantly. ”Sereď quickly established itself in the first league, giving a sympathetic impression. Are you sorry how it all turned out? “It simply came to our notice then. There is a specific football environment in Sered, there are people in the club who love football. Everything is based on good interpersonal relationships. It is a miracle that we managed to achieve in modest conditions and that we got into the group for the title and we had to play for the European Cup. It’s a pity that it won’t happen now, because we trusted against Žilina on the home field. ”How much money did you spend on the first team? “Sixty thousand euros a month went to the players and the implementation team.” The last league match in Ružomberok is ahead of you. What do you expect from him? “Our aim is to finish the season with dignity, so we want to present ourselves in the last match. There is no danger that we will not travel. However, it is questionable in what composition we will start. We have some forced absences, and those who are terminating their contracts are looking to the future of football. They don’t want to get hurt, so we’ll see. ”SPORTS COMMENT: All nonsense, isn’t it? Sereď didn’t get the license, Senica won’t get it. The first statement is definitive, the second de jure not yet. Paradox of paradoxes. With all due respect to the club from Záhorie and the people who tried or are still trying to save him. Last season, FK reported debts of 600,000 euros. Nevertheless, he played the competition this year. For another debt. The minus gradually climbed somewhere to the level of 1.5 million. Who is responsible for this? Licensing Commission of the Slovak Football Association! Who will return the creditors? Nobody. Who will be responsible? Nobody! Beware, creditors are not rich companies, but ordinary people. Players, coaches, implementation team members, employees, bus drivers, cleaners… Their income was not horizontal, but they will remain imaginary. FK Senica will go bankrupt. Because he doesn’t really own anything, he doesn’t pay anyone. In the meantime, Senický debit has significantly exceeded the amount of the league security. The question is whether the amount deposited by the club is covered in this case at all. Myjava resigned from the highest competition. She did it in the middle of the season. The competition then became de facto irregular, although de jure not. Competents in the Union of League Clubs are frightened. They no longer wanted to experience such a fiasco. To cover up previous licensing concerns, they adopted Lex Myjava. Nevertheless, they let the Senica affair grow to monstrous proportions in the current season. The team from Záhorie will finish the competition, because only one round is missing. However, his composition took on an undignified form after massive departures. Senic performance in recent weeks has been only a rough cover for the alibism of the SFZ Licensing Commission and the executive management of the ÚLK. From last year. Half solutions. They blame the decisions of the competent authorities, which determine the fate of the league’s existence and non-existence of smaller clubs. Capacity is needed once, other times. Heated lawn is a condition, its functionality does not. When the frosts hit in the winter and, unfortunately, snow falls, we translate the matches. The pipes are under the playgrounds, but they do not have time to heat, if anyone has turned them on at all. After all, energy was expensive even before the crisis. But the people in office were looking for ways to circumvent the regulations, not comply with them. If the licensing criteria for the first league included the obligation to have its own stadium, Serede’s current funeral would not take place. Liptovský Mikuláš, which we will bury in a moment, would not get into the elite either. You either have to be principled or accommodating. It is impossible to bench between. So Sereď does not get a license, so he can’t go to the barracks for the last European seat for next season. Again, no one expected such an alternative. As if infrastructure was not a long-term problem in the case of SKF. It would be bad if we benefited from Dunajská Streda in the barrage now. Just because the DAC placed highest, the semi-final playoff match should not be won by default. Why should Trenčín and Žilina pay extra for Sereď? We’d better give the eighth a chance. And a bit of symbolism at the end. Sereď did not get the license, Senica will not get it, but who will replace it in the highest competition after a year of economic cheating, the league manual does not state. About the third from the second league (who else). If it correctly square the exponential equation expressing the quadrature of the circle. All bullshit, isn’t it? Author: MIROSLAV HAŠAN

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