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A new epidemic? Smallpox hit Europe: Only men are infected, apparently infected with sex –


Five men in Portugal also tested positive and at least 15 more cases are being investigated, health officials said. All of these cases are men, mostly young, but it is not yet clear how they caught the virus, the Daily Mail writes. Until now, cases of smallpox have been limited to travelers and their relatives returning from West and Central Africa, where the virus is endemic. However, experts now fear that they have become more widespread for the first time after seven Britons have been diagnosed in the last 14 days. Six of them appear to have been infected in the United Kingdom and most of them are unrelated, suggesting that more cases remain undetected. Four of the British patients are gay or bisexual men. According to experts, the mode of transmission suggests spread on sexual networks. University of Reading microbiologist Simon Clarke suspects that the number of cases in the United Kingdom is already in the tens. However, they do not think that smallpox monkeys will spread like covid. “I would be surprised if we ever got to more than a hundred cases in Britain.” Following the notification of eight suspicious cases in Madrid, the regions in Spain were put on alert. Confirmation from the National Center for Microbiology is still pending, but public health experts are already advising that great care should be taken. No significant transmission is expected One of the best public health doctors in the country, Fernando Simón, said that “smallpox is not likely to cause significant transmission, but this cannot be ruled out.” The Spanish health alert system has called on communities to inform public health services about patients with symptoms. In the meantime, all suspected cases in Portugal have been detected in the Lisbon and Tagus Valley region. Patients are reportedly stabilized and all suffer from ulcerative lesions, one of the signs of the virus. The Portuguese Ministry of Health has issued a warning urging people with lesions and rashes to see a doctor. So far, smallpox has been found in only four countries outside Africa – the United Kingdom, the United States, Israel and Singapore. All cases had travel links back to Nigeria and Ghana, where infections may result from direct contact with infected animals. Health experts investigating a new outbreak of smallpox in Britain believe that the virus may be sexually transmitted between humans for the first time. Video not suitable for sensitive persons Sexual contact infection It was thought that smallpox can only be transmitted by close contact with body fluids, airway droplets and lesions. But an expert from the UK Health Security Agency said the latest cases appear to have spread through sexual contact. Smallpox is a rare viral infection that people commonly encounter in the tropical regions of West and Central Africa. They are usually spread by direct contact with animals, such as squirrels, which are known to harbor the virus. However, it can also be transmitted by very close contact with an infected person. The disease is usually mild, with most patients recovering within a few weeks without treatment. In some cases, however, it ends in death. All cases in the United Kingdom had a West African strain of the virus that is mild compared to the Central African strain. There is currently no specific treatment for smallpox. However, because this virus is closely related to the virus that causes smallpox, smallpox vaccination can also protect people from smallpox. Photo gallery (3) Smallpox virus
Source: What are the symptoms? Initial symptoms of smallpox include fever, headache, muscle aches, back pain, swollen lymph nodes, chills and exhaustion. But its most unusual feature is a rash, which often starts on the face and spreads to other parts of the body, usually on the hands and feet. The rash changes and goes through different stages until a scab event eventually forms, which later falls off.

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