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Rough criticism of Matovic’s agreement: Will we refuel more expensive for the Slovnaft tax ?! As experts see – New Time


The ring changes, the opponents remain the same. The Ministers of Finance and Economy Igor Matovič (49) and Richard Sulík (54) started another round of the fratricidal war, this time over whether Russian oil should be additionally taxed. Sulík rejects this proposal, for which he earned the remark from Matovič that he is definitely not doing it for free. In particular, the two coalition roosters are unable to agree on whether Russian oil taxation will be reflected in fuel prices. The next round of the battle will take place on the floor of the parliament, where the proposal is already aimed today, and Sulík continues to threaten vetoing if gasoline prices rise. Matovič has played another of his games, where he wants to push through his megalomaniacal idea, which is worth hundreds of millions of euros, as quickly as possible and almost without discussion. The solution proposed by Matovic, which finally passed the government on Wednesday despite the disapproval of Sulík’s SaS, is that Slovnaft will have to pay a 30 percent tax on the difference between the cheap Russian oil it buys and another BRENT oil. Experts do not see the solution as black, as they have long pointed out that the discount with which Slovnaft takes oil from Russia is reflected in the company’s huge margins, while motoring citizens have no benefit. The problem is that these are the hundreds of millions of euros that the treasury should have at its disposal, and similar changes to the system are often discussed over a longer period.

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