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More than half of the US population will face temperatures of 32°C or higher this weekend and it’s only May


Heat waves reach records in recent years 1:03 (CNN) — Although it is still more than a week until Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial start of summer, about 60% of Americans, or nearly 200 million people, will be exposed to temperatures of 32°C or higher in the coming days.
Record heat, which has been brewing across the drought-stricken plains and parts of Texas, is moving east and hundreds of temperature records could be broken in its path. It will truly feel like summer ☀️🌡️ in the Northeast this weekend as numerous locations are forecast to reach 90F+ for the first time this season. Fortunately, the heat will not last long as a cold front will usher in normal to below-normal temperatures on Sunday. — NWS Weather Prediction Center (@NWSWPC) May 17, 2022 From Thursday through Sunday, temperatures are forecast to reach or exceed 130 records in parts of 20 states. “Virtually every day from Friday through Sunday, daily temperature records are expected to be broken 8-11°C above normal May values,” said Aaron Swiddett, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Raleigh. , North Carolina. Highs will range between 34.4°C and 35.5°C throughout the weekend in Raleigh, defying records that have stood for nearly a century. The excessive heat is due, in part, to the broad weather pattern across the nation. In recent days, the winds from the upper level of the atmosphere, known as the jet stream, have been isolated or rather have followed a flow from west to east. As this pattern has persisted, a massive dome of high pressure has gained strength, allowing unusually warm temperatures to build up and spread out of the Plains and into the southern and eastern half of the nation. On Friday afternoon, high temperatures in cities including Cleveland, Washington, Nashville, Tennessee, and Richmond, Virginia will range between 90°F and 95°F, warm enough to challenge daily records, which in some cases dating back to the 1930s. Temperatures of 32.2C will be widespread, affecting millions of people, but parts of the South could even see their first 37.7C+ temperatures of the season . Summer heat makes its early appearance throughout the Southeast. Columbia, South Carolina, has already experienced three days of temperatures above 90 degrees this month, but Thursday and Friday could mark the beginning of the first days of temperatures above 100 degrees of 2022. in the city. The average maximum temperature in Columbia is 28.8 °C at this time of year. Atlanta has been able to avoid hitting 90 degrees so far this season, but with highs up to 8 degrees above average, its luck is expected to run out this Thursday. Atlanta’s first 90-degree day of the year is usually July 3, but highs are forecast to exceed this measurement for the next three days. “It’s definitely too early for this kind of heat,” Swiddett told CNN. “Normally we would record these temperatures in the height of summer.” With the first truly significant heat wave hitting the eastern US this year, Swiddett warned against outdoor activities this weekend. “The importance of shade is really crucial. The forecast temperatures are for shade, so it’s going to feel even worse in the sun,” Swiddett said. Warmest air of the year reaches the Northeast By Saturday and Sunday, temperatures above 90°F will reach the Northeast and parts of New England. Average highs in Central Park are just 22.2°C at this time of year. The forecast for Saturday is 33.8 °C. The last time the city recorded a day over 90 degrees Fahrenheit was August 27. In Philadelphia, a high of 36.1 °C is forecast on Saturday, a mark that would top the previous record of 35 °C standing since 1934. If you’re looking for a little cool, you won’t find it in New England either. “With high pressures building south of our area, we expect both heat and humidity to increase by the weekend,” said Joe Pollina, a meteorologist with the Weather Service in Upton, New York. Records may be broken in Hartford, Connecticut; Manchester, New Hampshire, and Burlington, Vermont, where highs are expected to reach between 33.3 and 35 °C. These temperatures will challenge the records that in some locations have been maintained for more than 110 years. Record-breaking heat will hit the Northeast this weekend. In Boston, the average high temperature this time of year is 20°C, but the city is forecasting highs between 32.2 and 33.8°C for this weekend. “Take it easy, it’s not like mid-summer heat where we’ve all had a little bit of time to acclimatize,” Matthew Belk, a meteorologist with the weather service in Boston, told CNN. “People need to take this heat seriously and take proper precautions.” “Heat is a very stealthy killer,” Chesnea Skeen, a meteorologist with the weather service in Sterling, Virginia, told CNN. a big threat, but it’s actually one of the top killers, when it comes to extreme weather. As this is an unusual heat event for this season, take it seriously, stay hydrated and stay out of the sun.” Fortunately, for most, the heat won’t last beyond the weekend. Late afternoon Sunday, a powerful cold front will approach from the west, increasing cloud cover and the possibility of some thunderstorms.As cool air filters behind the front, Monday will bring cooler temperatures in cities like New York, Philadelphia, Washington and Atlanta, where highs are expected to range between 21 and 26 °C.

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