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Orange launches the sale of refurbished smartphones: follow tonight’s live-shopping – Frandroid


Orange will increasingly regularly offer offers on refurbished smartphones from its online store. For the occasion, the operator will hold a live this evening to come back to the refurbishment of its devices and highlight the offers of the moment. The Samsung Galaxy S10 You can already mark your diaries: this Thursday evening, at 7 p.m. hours, Orange will hold a live conference – a live-shopping to be exact – devoted to its latest offers on refurbished smartphones. This live will be hosted by Orange advisor Kathleen and youtuber Nicolas Catard. Together, they will present the best refurbished smartphones sold by Orange. A handling of smartphones will be carried out live and it will be possible to ask questions live. Throughout this live-shopping, a contest with prizes to be won will be organised. The liveshopping @Orange_France special refurbished smartphones, it’s in 2 days! There will be great promos and gifts to be won 😁
It’s happening here ▶︎ 👀 — NicolasCatard (@NicolasCatard) May 17, 2022 To attend this live shopping, nothing could be simpler, just go to this page. It allows either to watch the event live, or to register in order to be notified by SMS when it starts. What will be the refurbished smartphones presented by Orange? Kathleen and Nicolas Catard will not only answer the questions that can arise when buying a refurbished smartphone, but will also present the best deals to be had on the Orange store. Three “star” smartphones will be at the center of the debates. Orange refurbished “star” smartphones. The refurbished iPhone XR, first. It currently benefits from a nice immediate discount of 70 euros on the Orange online store. This is one of the best value for money from Apple, which also benefits from an exemplary update follow-up. The refurbished Samsung Galaxy S10, then. Despite its three years of existence, it remains a recommendable Android smartphone currently. Its design is successful, its camera still holds up perfectly and Samsung updated it to Android 12 at the start of the year. It also benefits from an immediate discount of 30 euros currently. The refurbished iPhone 8 to finish. It’s simply a great first price for an Apple device. Perfect for equipping a middle school or high school student as their first smartphone, especially since they too benefit (still!) from the latest software updates from Apple. Like the Galaxy S10, it is also entitled to 30 euros in immediate discounts at the moment. What are the advantages of taking a refurbished smartphone from Orange? Refurbished goods are slowly but surely beginning to enter the mentality of the French. These are products that have already been unboxed or used by a previous user and have been refurbished by an electronics specialist. For its refurbished smartphones, in this case, Orange relies on two experts in the second mobile life: Cadaoz and Recommerce, to test, refurbish, reset and repackage the products. They are also the ones who take care of estimating the state of the phone, noted by a grade. Up to 46 checkpoints are performed. With grade A+: the products may show some micro-scratches on the shell and/or screen (not visible on the screen on) With grade A: the products may show some non-pronounced traces of use on the shell and/or screen screen (not visible on screen on) Buying a refurbished smartphone has a double advantage. On the one hand, it saves money since these smartphones are sold 20 to 40% cheaper than their new counterparts. On the other hand, it is making a gesture for the environment. Giving a second life to a smartphone avoids unnecessary electronic waste. Especially in the case of the smartphones mentioned above, which are able, thanks to their performance and their software updates, to last a few more long years. How to follow this live-shopping and ask your questions? This live is intended to be as accessible as possible: it will be available directly on the Orange site, without registration, and viewers will be able to ask their questions directly to the two presenters via chat. During this Live Shopping, the video will appear in the middle of the screen, accompanied by a chat on the left and the products presented on the right. If a smartphone or an offer interests you, just click on it. You will then be redirected to the presentation sheet in the Orange store.

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