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ONLINE Deputies decide on Matovič’s aid package: SaS will not support his proposals! They are considering a veto if TOTO – does not pass


Anti-inflationary aid, as well as the taxation of extraordinary oil revenues and support for the care of children and disabled people, will be discussed by the parliament at the current meeting. MEPs on Thursday approved the inclusion of these items on the agenda. Two spoke in the debate, the proposal was made by Igor Matovič. Read new news Updated 15:11 SaS plans to apply a veto in parliament, but only if they do not pass an amendment proposing that the tax collected on Russian oil be used to reduce other taxes. Updated 15:10 Previously, Igor Matovič also commented on the SaS sentence. According to Matovič, if SaS did not feel bound by a coalition agreement after breaking the sentence, it would exclude itself from the coalition. “It’s as if they said: I’m not your husband from now on, but I’ll live in your house.” Asked if SaS would take away her ministries in such a case, Matovic said he thought no. “Personally, I don’t think they could have taken such a sullen and vengeful position in front of the public.” President OĽaNO thinks that the SaS would pull its tail very quickly during this test. He does not plan to accept the veto. Updated 15:05 SaS will not support Matovič’s proposals “We cannot support Matovič’s proposals for these three reasons,” Viskupič said. According to SaS, the proposals are presented quickly, the accelerated procedure is forced forcing and the tax bonus is designed incorrectly. “We will vote against the abbreviated procedure as well as against the proposals. If the extraordinary tax on Russian oil passes, we are ready to present our proposals to reduce some other taxes to coalition partners. If they do not accept this, we will apply a veto,” he said. “I am shocked that a new coalition with the LSN has been formed here, that the coalition will vote with them,” Viskupič added. Updated 15:03 The SaS party will present its position on the package. “SaS is for targeted help to those who really need it. We are for help that does not ruin local governments,” said Marián Viskupič in the introduction. “The Minister of Finance cannot manage efficiently and has been proving it since the vaccination lottery,” he said. “Great ideas have their cracks, and so it is with these designs.” Updated 15:02 MEPs continue debate on leisure vouchers and anti-inflation package. He continues with factual remarks on Robert Fico’s speech. Updated 15:01 Several mayors have declared the government’s proposals irresponsible Several Bratislava mayors perceive the current government’s proposals as irresponsible and populist, which harms local governments and thus the population. However, according to them, even during a pandemic or a refugee crisis from Ukraine, local governments have confirmed that they can function even in difficult times and can take over the basic functions of the state, which do not directly belong to their competencies and budgets. “Let’s remember this at every press conference, where there is a rumor that local governments live in some weird bubble without a pandemic, war, price or uncertainty and that they have money as a chaff. This is not true,” said Ján Hrčka, mayor. the number of inhabitants of the largest part of Bratislava, Petržalka. He claims that, unlike the populists, the presidents of the self-governing regions, mayors, mayors, deputies and officials have faced the problem and addressed it from the beginning. Updated 14:17 The town of Handlová joined the ZMOS and went on strike on Thursday. It thus responds to the government’s proposals, which should significantly affect its budget. He calculated that next year he could lose about 1.3 million euros. Jana Paulínyová, the city’s spokeswoman, informed about it. “There is a real risk that the local government will start to face serious existential problems from the autumn of this year. We support helping families, but not by setting city and municipal budgets by eliminating stable services and territorial development,” said Mayor Silvia Grúberová. Updated 13:50 Matovic to anti-inflation package in parliament. Updated 13:46 Matovič promised to help, but ZMOS no one contacted MP for People and Mayor of Lučenec Alexandra Pivková claims that Matovič together with the state secretary of the Ministry of Finance Marcel Klimek promised individual measures for local governments at the meeting. According to her, the measures should only concern the overcoming of a serious situation. It could be, for example, the possibility of releasing funds from the reserve fund for current expenditures or reclassification of already provided repayable financial resources, the so-called loans. She also talked about the possibility of providing additional repayable and non-repayable resources. She added that the municipalities should quantify the expenditures and start negotiations according to this proposal. Photo gallery (3) Press conference of representatives of coalition parties for animal protection
Source: Topky / Maarty However, Michal Kaliňák, Central Director of the Office of the Association of Towns and Municipalities of Slovakia (ZMOS), reacted to TASR that no one had contacted ZMOS. It rejects partial and individual negotiations and agreements that involve only selected municipalities close to coalition politicians. Kaliňák reminds that ZMOS is the voice of most local governments in Slovakia, not just a certain group. Updated 13:42 The state cannot finance the permanent measure with a temporary tax The tax bonus, which is calculated to cost the Slovak state budget approximately 1.2 billion euros, should not be financed by a temporary tax, the revenue of which is estimated at 300 million euros. Michal Šimečka, President of the non-parliamentary Progressive Slovakia and Vice-President of the European Parliament, thinks so. Updated 13:37 The current OĽaNO movement has a press. Peter Kremský invited representatives of almost 50 institutions that support the proposal to comment on the topic. Updated 13:28 Žitňanská was promised that the proposal would take this into account, but according to her, the legislative proposal did not contain it. “I informed the coalition partners and the Minister of Finance Matovič that if it is not written in the proposal that they can also use this contribution for rehabilitation or any other type of service they need, I cannot vote for this law,” she added. He also wants to negotiate not to cut the allowance for people who take him for caring for their severely disabled loved one. According to her, it is shortened for them as soon as they start retiring. Updated 13:15 Žitňanská from For people will not support the family package if there is no measures for people with disabilities The legislative package designed to help families should include measures for people with severe disabilities (SEP). Jana Žitňanská, a member of the For People party, thinks so. The coalition is negotiating that the contribution for leisure activities for children can also be used for rehabilitation or other needs for disabled children. If the proposal does not contain it, he cannot vote for such a law. “It is absolutely crucial for me in this situation to help people who have a severely disabled person in their family, because these families probably face poverty the most,” Žitňanská said at a press conference on Thursday. She reminded that when Matovič introduced the tax revolution last year, he was alerted to children with disabilities who need therapies, speech therapists or rehabilitation, which are often expensive and have to be paid for by their parents. Updated 12:45 The opposition Smer also had a press release on the topic, which will not support the proposal of anti-inflationary aid from the workshop of the Minister of Finance. According to him, the government wants to give a “hole from the cake” to Slovak families in 2022 as part of this aid. Fico announced that the entire Smer-SD parliamentary group would not support the anti-inflation aid proposal. Updated 12:30 Matovic knows nothing about local governments, they are wrong with the bank, which is to finance his “flying ideas”. This was announced by a non-attached Member of the National Council of the Slovak Republic and Vice-Chairman of Hlas-SD Richard Raši at a press conference. He declared that the party also supports local governments and the Association of Slovak Towns and Municipalities. Members of the Voice made support for the proposal conditional on the inclusion of 14 pensions and an extension of the target group of assistance. “The government treats local governments as an enemy, waging war with them,” Rashi said. He underlined that local governments are in direct contact with citizens and often replace what the state fails. Criticizing the proposed increase in the tax bonus, he recalled that local governments live on personal taxes. According to him, Matovič does not realize that local governments do not have free funds to finance his ideas and PR activities. Updated 12:00 “I will ignore the infantile remarks of the Minister of Finance and go to the point. We will not have a controversy here about who did what and did not for families. Such a controversy in the atmosphere that you create does not make sense, “he said in the introduction and continued by naming what Smer had done. The debate was adjourned at 12:00, the sitting resumed at 14. Updated 11:40 “I would like it to be 140 to zero in the final,” Matovič said at the presentation of the proposal. “I want us to stick together and end up wearing a jersey called Kicking for Families,” he added, thanking him for his support. Matovic’s package in parliament The law on anti-inflationary aid was introduced in parliament by Finance Minister Igor Matovic. Parliament will also discuss other matters. Everything should be discussed in a shortened legislative procedure. According to Matovič, one part of the package is to be launched on July 1, and the introduction of systems is also needed, which is not much time. The Finance Committee recommended approving the assistance in an abbreviated legislative procedure. They opened the debate shortly before 12, two of them signed up. On behalf of the Robert Fico side and on the SaS side, Marián Viskupič. Photo gallery (3) Source: Topky – Vlado Anjel Gröhling is satisfied with the approval of the financing of leisure vouchers Gröhling is dissatisfied with the fact that the government yesterday approved the financing of leisure vouchers and children’s activities. They approved it despite his disagreement. According to him, it is necessary to change another eight laws because of this, which cannot be reached by the parliament. He would reinvest less than 400 million euros to be earmarked for this purpose. He called it irresponsible gambling with public finances. The bill was approved by the government without the consent of the head of the education department. “We support children’s leisure activities and after-school time, as it is also important for their psychohygiene and individual skills development. the parents pay for the repair, the textbook and the running of the school, “said Gröhling. The Minister of Education has many comments. “We have to change eight laws. I’m sorry, but this law is so imperfect. Who will have such an amendment by 12 by tomorrow, when the committees will?” Gröhling asks. According to him, the parents have to confirm the rings every month. “I am sorry that this bill is in this state,” he said. ZMOS threatens a sharp strike The Association of Towns and Municipalities of Slovakia has recently entered a strike alert. ZMOS is also supported by the Union of Slovak Cities, which plans to add an association of self-governing regions to the strike. Bratislava mayor Juraj Droba sends an open letter to members of parliament. Communication is limited, flags are pulled down halfway and there is a risk of a sharp strike. SaS did not agree with some parts from the beginning. In the end, however, the ministers did not veto the government, but voted against. They can use the veto in parliament. While Richard Sulík was relatively satisfied, counties, towns and villages see it differently. Finance Minister Igor Matovic disagrees and claims that local governments will not lose a single euro. ZMOS called on municipalities and cities to interrupt or limit communication with central state administration bodies, ensure the implementation of transferred competencies only until the period which is financially covered by subsidies from the state, or symbolically withdraw general flags in front of city and municipal office buildings, confirmed the central Michal Kaliňák, Director of the ZMOS Office. The reason is the current proposals from the workshop of the Ministry of Finance, but also the long-term approach of the state to local governments. The plenary also included in the program anti-inflationary aid and the taxation of oil revenues. The amount of the tax bonus should also increase. From July this year, the child allowance should also increase to 30 euros and from January 2023 to 50 euros per month. According to the draft law on the tax on the benefit obtained as a result of the special situation on the oil market, the Slovnaft refinery should pay an extraordinary tax on the price advantage brought to it by the processing of Russian oil. It has been significantly cheaper than Brent crude oil in recent months, and the state will use this advantage for additional revenue to the state budget. At the same time, at the end of the meeting, the deputies postponed the vote on Miroslav Kollár’s proposal (unclassified) to remove Marián Kéry (Smer-SD) from the position of head of the foreign committee. In the end, they also moved the election of the head of the Supreme Audit Office of the Slovak Republic and the children’s commissioner, as well as the election of a member of the board of directors of the Institute of the Memory of the Nation.

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