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Legislative in Dordogne: faced with the controversy, Jérôme Peyrat withdraws his candidacy


“I hear that my candidacy for the legislative elections could harm my political family. I withdraw it, ”said the former Périgord candidate. “I invite each and everyone to look precisely at the facts of which I am accused, the court decision and the other decisions taken in this case”, he underlines. “Second-hand prosecutors” “The alliance of bad faith, partisan shortcuts and good conscience has little cost, amplified by digital channels where anonymity competes with the ignorance of second-hand prosecutors, amalgam an episode of my life on which I explained myself extensively, with a violence that is totally foreign to me, “says this former adviser to the Elysée in his press release. The regional adviser and mayor of La Roque-Gageac in Sarladais, adviser of the president, aroused both the ire of the Macronist troops in his sector and the disapproval of social networks. In question, his conviction in 2020 for willful violence on his ex-companion with the key to a fine of 3,000 euros suspended. A situation deemed by many to be incompatible with the proclamation of gender equality, a major cause of the five-year term. The support, Wednesday morning, of the general delegate of Renaissance (Editor’s note: the new name of LREM) Stanislas Guérini, interviewed on France Info, had only heightened the controversy. He described Jérôme Peyrat as “an honest man. I do not believe that he is capable of violence against women”, he had estimated: “If I had the conviction or even the suspicion that we were dealing with someone who could be violent and guilty of violence against women, I would never have accepted this investiture.” In the wake of #MetooStanislas Guérini also invoked the “complex” nature of this affair, pointing to the fact that the ex-companion of Jérôme Peyrat – who is is seen to mean a total incapacity for work of 14 days – was also condemned for offensive and defamatory messages. shipwreck”. “I measure that the remarks I made this morning […] were able to hit and hurt”, reacted in the afternoon Stanislas Guerini on Twitter. “I want to strongly reaffirm here the total commitment of the presidential majority to support the freedom of women’s speech”. “To leave no room for ambiguity about our commitments, I spoke with Jérôme Peyrat today, and we agreed together that he withdraw his candidacy,” concludes Mr. Guerini.

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