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today 22:35 | The Slovak national hockey team lost the third match in a row at the World Cup 2022 in Finland on Wednesday, when they lost to Switzerland 3: 5. Miloš Roman, Juraj Slafkovský and Samuel Takáč took care of the exact interventions of Slovakia, Adam Húska performed 26 interventions. The Swiss shot the Slovaks with a ratio of 30:16 and with 12 points they are at the head of the A-group played in Helsinki. The Slovak team has up to sixth place with three points out of four matches. The fifth match of the tournament will take place on Friday against Kazakhstan. Read also VIDEO: World Hockey Championship: Slovaks are complicating their way to the quarterfinals, the Swiss … Votes after the match (source RTVS): Ján Pardavý, assistant coach of the Slovak Republic: “Today our powerlifters decided the match. We were not efficient. We did not help in setting up the attack or in the game in the attack zone. It only improved in the third period. We didn’t get any out of it. We were preparing for an opponent, but he didn’t let us in the first two thirds. Small details put us down, in the third period it was better when we made changes. “Tomáš Tatar, captain of the Slovak Republic:” We will have to sit down to power and advise how to do it better. We take the 5 to 3 power play on ourselves. We have to play it better and especially to score a goal in it. We need to know who we want there and how we want to play it. Maťo has arrived (Fehérváry, editor’s note), so we have time to think about what and how we will play. Those special teams are very important. We need to have indicated signals, a lot of opportunities to shoot from the first and shoot more often. When there is a block, it is necessary to throw the puck to someone else. We’ll look at it, we’ll talk, we’ll explain, and I hope it’s better. We could not set up attacks at all, we even scored 2 goals after our mistakes. An unfortunate rebound and a separate run came in the power play, from which a goal was scored. In the second, the hockey stick hit the player directly, who jumped out of the two-minute elimination and scored again. On the other hand, Adam seized a lot of opportunities. Some may have been tutovky, but they were also caught by their goalkeeper. It wasn’t perfect. When we shoot, the pucks must pass. What I’m most sorry about is that we make a lot of goals, but the ones we collect are really very big nonsense. It kills players mentally. You try, you catch up with the score and still someone throws a log under your feet, where you meet and start again. We fight, but we also lack a bit of luck so that we don’t make such mistakes or so we get a little more goals. We want to think positive, we have three more matches to manage. We could have stolen someone’s points here, which we’re sorry about, but we have our heads up and we’re moving on. I will try to motivate guys. I believe that if we win the remaining three matches, we will have a chance to advance. So we have to be positive and keep our heads up. I hope we can do it. We will play good hockey and maybe we will be a little lucky. ” Peter Čerešňák, defender of the Slovak Republic: “It was not a good match on my part or on the part of the team. We imagined it differently. We fought, but we couldn’t reverse it. We missed a goal, 5 to 3 power-ups have to change. We didn’t use it, it’s a pity. We can’t hang our heads, we still have three matches and we have to focus on them and still fight. “Martin Fehérváry, defender of the Slovak Republic:” It was a challenging duel and we didn’t start it the best. The Swiss attacked well, we could not get into the offensive zone. In the next two thirds it was better, we also put them under pressure, but our powerlifters didn’t work. We have to work on it. We couldn’t move the pucks well. In that 5-on-3 match, we tried to shoot, but we couldn’t make a final pass from which we would score a goal. We need to look ahead and learn from mistakes. It is up to us to regenerate and prepare well. To be honest, it was quite challenging for me. Jet lag also played a role in my case, but I’m not here to argue. I will try to be better in every match. ” Read also the Program of matches of Slovakia at the World Hockey Championship 2022 Do you want a hockey stick? Win stone, paper, scissors:

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