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Tomáš Bezdeda is in love up to his ears: This is his new love – TV Markíza


Tomáš Bezdeda surprised his fans when he published a love photo with a nice brunette on Instagram. In the picture, the singer wrote: “Two worlds met”. His chosen one is Ivana Lešťanová, who comes from Žilina. Sympathetic brunette works in a development company. Under the photo, his friends immediately congratulated Tomáš and Ivan. They send them hearts and wish them a lot of love.
TIP: Awning girl in top form: A challenging challenge awaits her. The participant in the first series of the SuperStar singing competition was unlucky in love and smiled at him now.
Tomas and Ivana
source: Instagram / tomas_bezdedaIvana is a great sympathizer

source: Facebook / Ivana Lešťanová

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