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Ufo, historic hearing in the US Congress


The United States Congress held its first open UFO briefing in more than 50 years, but those seeking explanations for the numerous sightings recorded by American military pilots were disappointed, as defense officials did not release ‘surprising’ information. . The seat, the first ‘open’ session since 1966, has come after an exceptional year for UFO enthusiasts. In 2021, intelligence released a report containing 144 reports of unidentified aerial phenomena, only one of which could be explained. The report gathered testimony from US Navy pilots about their encounters with the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP), with a retired lieutenant claiming to have seen objects in the sky over the east coast “every day for at least a couple of years. During the 90-minute briefing in Washington, two new videos were released showing “unidentified aerial phenomena”. Scott Bray, the Navy’s Deputy Director of Intelligence, said no indications of an “extra-terrestrial origin” of the events have been found to date, despite the difficulty in finding full explanations, and dismissed the allegations of those who claim that the Pentagon is not addressing the issue with commitment and seriousness. A video, shot in daylight hours, showed an object that apparently would have darted past a military jet. “It appeared on screen for less than a second, Bray said highlighting the difficulties associated with data collection. Another clip, recorded at night from a military plane in 2019, showed triangular shapes that appeared to hover in the sky. Bray has then another video was reproduced that documented similar phenomena providing an elementary explanation: they were drones and the triangular shape was produced by the shooting technique and the tools used.

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