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Róbert Pich scored for Wrocław in the key duo for rescue, but he will probably say goodbye to the club – ŠPORT.SK


today 11:45 | When they lost the lead on the Stalu Mielec pitch in the end, they thought they were in big trouble. In the end, even a draw (1: 1) was enough to save Slaska. The only goal of the Wroclaw team was scored by the 33-year-old Slovak winger Róbert Pich. Today, it seems that this was, so to speak, his last act in the club, with which, with the exception of his brief stint in 1. FC Kaiserslautern, he has been back since the summer of 2013. He also told us about it in the following interview. Róbert Pich: The mood changed on the bus How do you look back at the match in Mielec? “We are glad it ended with our rescue. However, immediately after the referee’s last whistle, we were certainly not satisfied. We went to it with the knowledge that we needed to win in order to be sure of salvation. We led 1: 0, but at the set time we collected a balancing goal and we knew that if Wisla wins in Radom, we have a problem, because the people of Krakow would reach us by a difference of one point. In the end, they lost 2: 4, thanks to which we saved ourselves. However, it was not according to our ideas in Mielce and after the meeting we were all upset that we missed it. ”Where did you find out that you were definitely saved? “We finished on Sunday afternoon and Wisla until the evening. We watched her match on the bus and faith, it was very difficult. Wisla led 2-0, but in the second half – fortunately for us – scored four goals. But for a long time it seemed that everything was playing against us. ”So what was the mood on the bus? “It simply came to our notice then. We were sad and silent. But suddenly everyone came to life. Already at 2: 2, the atmosphere changed, because this result meant salvation for us. Suddenly everything fell out of us. In recent weeks, the team has been nervous. We were all sad that we no longer have to go through stress. ”You were sad after the draw in Mielce, but Radomiak is experiencing a successful season and maybe it was to be expected that Wisla would not win on his field…“ Now it is easy to say, but in our heads they had, in particular, that we needed to win and that we did not succeed. Stal Mielec won the rescue with a draw against us. So two teams competed against each other. If we had won, our opponent would not have been saved 100 percent at that moment. After the goal at the end of the duel, yes, so the whole stadium was shining. Simply put, the match was marked by great emotions, as both teams had something to play for. Everyone fought for their lives. ”How did you see your goal, which helped you draw in Mielec? “He came from the action we tried to fight. We knew that the opponent had a lot of space behind the defensive line. The ball was headed from the middle of the field behind the defensive wall of Stalu Mielec to our left wing. A teammate sent me the ball along the entire sixteen. I ran in front of the defenders, I was alone in front of them and I was just trying to hit the goal from the first. Fortunately, it worked out. But overall, it wasn’t what we thought it was. ”This goal was your sixth extra class this season. In terms of your productivity, are you satisfied with the ending year? “I am glad that I finally scored. I had a successful start to the season when I scored five goals. After that, however, I did not succeed for a longer period. Not only did I not score, but we did not succeed as a team. I’m glad that I made it to the end of the season and that I helped to the point. Only the home match with Gornik Zabrze awaits us, we would like to say goodbye to the season with a victory. I believe that we will succeed. ”In previous seasons, Slask Wrocław has achieved significantly better results. How do you explain that now you had to fight for bare league life until the penultimate round? “We finished fourth last season and advanced to the European Cup. The management of the club decided to go a different strategy and bet on rejuvenating the staff. In the spirit of this, summer transfers also took place. In the long run, the club wants to make more money selling talented footballers. In the middle of the season, however, the situation became more complicated, after the end of performing on the international stage, we also lost a lot of points in Ekstraklas. The management abandoned the established philosophy, there was a change of coach. Róbert Pich (second from left) celebrates a goal with his teammates from Slask Wrocław Source: What does your future in Slask Wrocław look like? “At the end of June, my current contract expires. It is probable that the last match in Slask awaits me. The club does not yet know what philosophy they will choose. I will probably look for a new engagement and a sporting challenge. At the moment, I am set for my end in Slask. ”So at least you are happy to say goodbye to the goal…“ Definitely yes. I would be very sad if I left after many years in Slask and thought that we had dropped out. I am very pleased that we have stayed in Ekstraklas. I did my best and fortunately, we met the goal. I can leave calmly and know that I have done everything for it. In football, you never know, maybe I’ll stay in the end, but the chances of that are slim. ”Are you even discussing this with anyone from the club management? “Not at all ‘We talked about extending the contract at the beginning of the season, but then the situation changed radically. And when the coach changed, the club stopped communicating with every player whose contract ends. As we were threatened with a descent, no one wanted to make concrete decisions for the future. Everyone was waiting for the final. Well, I don’t expect anyone to come to me anymore. It looks like not only the players, but also the management will go through a big change. ”So what is your wish for the future? “I would like to work in a club that has ambitions to fight in the competition for the highest places. That is my basic wish. I know that at my age, engagement is harder to find. We’ll see… I’ll enjoy my vacation after the season, I need some rest from football. The last few weeks have been really challenging. In a month, however, I would like to be clear about the future. I would like to start summer training at the club with which I will agree on a contract. ”Do you want to continue with the Polish Ekstraklas? “It simply came to our notice then. I have been in Poland for a long time and football in Ekstraklas is very physical. I prefer a more technical competition, but today I don’t know where there will be interest in me. I have already had offers from other Polish clubs, but I would have preferred something else. ”So what attracts you in particular? “As I mentioned, I would like to go somewhere where technical football is played and warmer. I’d rather head south, that would be nice. However, it is difficult to predict anything. I hope that I will be able to choose a good club. ”Can you imagine returning to the Slovak league, in which you have worked in Banská Bystrica and Žilina in the past? “I prefer abroad, but never speak. We’ll see what my options will be. ”NEXT NINE Róbert Pich has already scored 91 goals in the highest competitions. Thus, he lacks only nine hits to participate in the elite League Gunners Club, which brings together shooters of 100 or more hits in elite national competitions. “If I could do a hundred, I would be very proud. That’s why I believe that I will find an engagement in the premier league club, “said Róbert Pich. NATIONAL TEAM? I DON’T WAIT FOR ANOTHER Róbert Pich was already part of the national team in the past, but he never got a chance on the field. “I am open to the national team, but to be honest, I didn’t get a chance even at a time when I was very successful. That’s why I’m not expecting an invitation anymore. If she came, I would be pleasantly surprised. I don’t bother with this topic anymore, “said Slask midfielder Wrocław.

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