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yesterday 23:42 | Slovak MMA fighter Milan Ďatelinka lost in the main match of the RFA Grand Opening tournament in the Bratislava NTC with the Serb Nenad Avramovič. In the middle of the first round, he knocked out after a choke using a technique called a guillotine. Main card Medium: Milan Ďatelinka (SVK) – Nenad Avramovič (SRB) – guillotine (1st round, 2:28)
Up to 81 kg (Real Fight *): Sebastian Fapso (SVK) – Bernard Plavec (CZE) – KO (1st round, 1:48)
Velterová: Jozef Wittner (SVK) – Martin Kalucz (HUN) – to points (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
Velterová: Miroslav Brož (CZE) – Mauricio Otalora (COL) – TKO (2nd round, 2:50)
Up to 75 kg (Real Fight): Jakub Kadas (SVK) – Dominik Bereczki (HUN) – KO (1st round, 2:08)
Agreed up to 74.5 kg: Jan Veselík (CZE) – Arthur Lima (BRA) – submission (3rd round, 4:58)
Velterová: Michal Glos (SVK) – Jan Fajk (CZE) – for points (27-30, 27-30, 27-30)
Light: Marián Jakubík (SVK) – Julio Barreto (BRA) – rear naked choke (1st round, 4:54) Prelims Medium: Mateusz Rybak (POL) – Cleber Souza (BRA) – for points (29-28, 28- 29, 27-30)
Velterová: Michal Duba (SVK) – Jan Králik (CZE) – for points (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
Bantamová: Elina Tauber (SVK) – Pavla Kladivová (CZE) – TKO (1st round, 3:11)
Up to 70 kg (Real Fight): Jacob Mikula (SVK) – Jakub Krofta (CZE) – per points (28-29, 28-29, 28-29)
Agreed up to 51.5 kg: Natália Grmanová (SVK) – Beáta Juhászová (HUN) – submission (1st round, 2:46)
* Real Fight – Thai boxing in small gloves, other MMA Clover last fought last March, on Oktagon 22 in the battle for the middleweight title similarly quickly lost on the rear naked choke with Carlos Vémol. After a break and transfer to the RFA, he hoped for a new impetus, but he ran into a veteran from Serbia, 10 years older. Read also Novotný: Clover is no longer my problem. After a break of more than a year, he will return … Ďatelinka started with a balance of 8-5, the opponent had a balanced 8-8 (according to Tapology). The Slovak was a clear favorite in the exchange rate of 1.09 – 6.11. Avramovič had an even longer break, the last time he wrestled in June 2020. The favorite opened the duel with hard calf kicks, but Avramovič got on his back after 30 seconds. After a minute fit and a short exchange, Ďatelinka had the opponent on his back again and this time he used the position to grab the guillotine. The Slovak knocked out at the last moment, but until Avramovich released his grip, he lost consciousness. “There were complications in the preparation, but I felt good in the match. I made a mistake and it cost me the whole thing, “said Ďatelinka. RFA promoter Boris Marhanský revealed that he had struggled with beaten ribs. Fapšo wants a higher level after another execution One of the greatest hopes of the domestic martial arts scene, Sebastian Fapš, had enough 108 seconds for a quick trial with his Czech opponent Bernard Plavec. Although the outsider undermined the native of Považská Bystrica at the beginning of the match under the rules of Thai boxing in small gloves and hit him three times with his knee in a Thai clinch, otherwise it was another Fapš show. The swimmer did not have enough strength and dynamism of 20-year hope. Combinations with both hands with high kicks gradually destroyed the Czech fighter. He first wobbled on the hard right hook and went to the ground on the left hook. He peeled off at six, but lost his stability again and the referee ended the duel. “I added badly, my stomach hurts,” said a well-known food enjoyer, Sebastián Fapšo: “I don’t have another opponent selected. Whoever you give me, I’ll beat him. But let it be someone on the same or higher level. I am 20 years old, I need to constantly move to a higher level. ”Read also At Oktagon, you are just crippled for five crowns. I’ll be the best in the world, he says … The brooch celebrated, although it ended up on its ass three times. Miroslav “Inquisitor” Brooch against Mauritius Otalor followed up on crazy shootings from the Octagon. Brož took the baton as a huge favorite in the exchange rate of 1.05 – 7.77 after the initial shocks. He knocked the opponent to the ground and at the end of the first round he was saved only by a siren during the crushing ground and pound. Brož, thinking it was over, celebrated the victory at the crossbars. At the beginning of the 2nd round he was again shaken, but he reacted just as successfully. Otaloru was knocked to the ground and this time the referee saved him from a shower of punches on the ground. After the passive defense of the South American, the duel ended. “Normal. Until I get hit, I won’t take over, “joked Brož, commenting on the challenge of the talented Jan Fajek, who clearly beat Michal Glos’s points in the second duel on the main card:” He challenged me for the third time. He’s a good wrestler, but I have three duels. I am 10-10 years old, he is 3-0. Jozef Wittner, who defeated Hungarian Martin Kalucz by unanimous points 29-28, was the closest player to be broke. The Slovak increased his balance to 15-2. Goran Reljič, 38, from Croatia, has a 21-9 record, four matches in the UFC (1-3 in 2008-10) and lost to the KSW title against points with the later UFC heavyweight champion. Jan Blachowicz (2013). (July 23) against Čech Vojtěch Garb.


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