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EUROVISION. The group Kalush Orchestra, which represented Ukraine, was crowned winner of Eurovision 2022. Their portrait and ranking. 06:00 – Ukraine won EurovisionIt’s a victory that comes as no surprise. Announced favorite for several weeks, Ukraine won Eurovision this Saturday, May 14, 2022. The victory was won by the rap group Kalush Orchestra, who performed the winning song “Stefania”. “Stefania”, the winning song of Eurovision? END OF LIVE. Ukraine won Eurovision with the title “Stefania”. This song is a tribute to the mother of the group’s singer. But the colorful songs offer a new interpretation grid to this piece, Ukraine being able to be perceived as the maternal figure evoked in the song. Ukraine’s victory is therefore highly symbolic for the country invaded by Vladimir Putin’s troops. Below, relive Ukraine’s performance at Eurovision. 01:15 – Portrait of Kalush Orchestra, winning group of Eurovision 2022Kalush Orchestra allowed Ukraine to achieve victory during this Eurovision 2022. The group formed in 2019 before releasing two albums in 2021. They performed their title “Stefania” on the Turin stage, a tribute to the singer’s mother but also to Ukraine perceived as a maternal figure, while it is currently at war against Russia.01:10 – What ranking top for this Eurovision 2022? Ukraine was crowned big winner of Eurovision 2022 with 631 points, thanks to massive support from the public. It is ahead of the United Kingdom (466 points) and Sweden (459 points). France, for its part, ranked in second to last place with 17 points. country. The singer of Kalush Orchestra thanked the organizers and the public for their support, before releasing a resounding “Vive l’Ukraine” and widely applauded by the public.01:02 – Ukraine winner of Eurovision 2022With 631 points, Ukraine was crowned big winner of Eurovision 2022. Kalush Orchestra offers the third Eurovision victory to his country.00:59 – Spain will not be crowned winnerSpain obtained 459 points in total, this which does not allow him to overtake Ukraine and his 631 points. We are still waiting for the points of the United Kingdom and Sweden, which can still overtake Ukraine in the ranking.00:56 – Ukraine obtains 439 points from the public, a record Ukraine was expected as the great favorite of this Eurovision 2022, with particular support since the country is at war with Russia. The public gave 439 points to Ukraine, which puts the country in the lead. This is a record in the history of Eurovision, no country has ever obtained so many points from the public. In total, Ukraine has 631 points.00:51 – Serbia takes the lead!Serbia won over the public with their song about public health and hygiene. She leads the standings with 312 points. We do not yet know the number of points awarded to the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Spain or Ukraine, big favourites.00:49 – The last countries in the ranking known We know the countries that are in last position in the ranking of Eurovision 2022. Germany is last, with only 6 points, and France penultimate with 17 points. They rank behind Romania, Belgium, Armenia, Finland, the Czech Republic and Iceland.00:47 – Moldova gets 239 public points, an exceptional comeback! The allocation of public points can change everything , and Moldova proved it. The country obtained 239 points from the public, which allows it to climb to third place with a total of 253 points.00:45 – France obtains 8 points from the publicThe points from the public and the national jurors, the France gets a total of 8 points. For the moment, Alvan and Ahez are ranked in 19th place, a ranking that is subject to change as the points of the viewers are distributed.00:40 – What is the ranking of the national jurors?All the National jurors have revealed their points distribution. Before the public vote therefore, the United Kingdom is at the top of the ranking, ahead of Sweden and Spain. Ukraine is in fourth position. For its part, France is in the penultimate position, with only 9 points. 00:31 – The provisional classification remains unchanged Thirty countries have given their provisional classification. The United Kingdom continues to lead the race, ahead of Sweden, Spain and Ukraine. France has 9 points, ranking 21st in the standings.00:26 – France awards its points to the United KingdomUkraine, Poland, Armenia, Belgium, Spain, Countries Netherlands, Greece, the Czech Republic and Portugal received points from France. But the 12 hexagonal points were awarded to the United Kingdom.READ MORE France was represented by the Breton group Alvan and Ahez at Eurovision 2022. There are four members of this formation: the female trio Ahez Marine Lavigne, Sterenn Diridollou and Sterenn Le Guillou and the musician Alexis Morvan-Rosius, known as Alvan. They were selected on March 5, during the program “Eurovision France: it’s you who decide”. The tricolor group performed on the Turin stage the song “Fulenn”, which means, in Breton, both “spark” and “pretty girl”. With 17 points, Alvan & Ahez finished in 24th place out of 25 in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. It’s been since 1977 and Marie Myriam’s victory that France has not won Eurovision. Eurovision 2022? Broadcast live from Turin on Saturday May 14, 2022, the Eurovision final gave the opportunity to 25 countries to shine but it was Ukraine which obtained the most points from the participating nations. Then followed, the United Kingdom in second place and Spain to finish the podium. France, meanwhile, only got 17th place.


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