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The champion without pity – Debrief and NOTES of the players (MHSC 0-4 PSG) – Maxifoot


In total demonstration, Paris Saint-Germain, already crowned champion of France, martyred Montpellier (0-4), this Saturday, during the 37th day of Ligue 1. Without Neymar, suspended, Kylian Mbapp, Lionel Messi and Angel Di Maria delivered a recital in the Hérault. Messi and Mbapp were enormous. that the players of the capital, already champions of France, did not take lightly. Without Neymar, suspended, the three other offensive stars, namely Kylian Mbapp, Lionel Messi and Angel Di Maria, offered an international class performance for crawling the MHSC (0-4), this Saturday. A performance of very high quality which must have pleased the Ile-de-France supporters despite the freewheeling end of the season for their favorites. A recital lasting 45 minutes Without pressure, the Parisians started very strong. After warming Bertaud’s gloves, Messi took advantage of an ideal serve from Mbapp to open the scoring with a surgical flat foot (0-1, 6th). We found the duo a few moments later with this time a superb opening of La Pulga for the Frenchman, who lost his duel with Bertaud. Without Neymar, the two stars got along wonderfully. And it was on an exceptional pass from the outside of Mbapp’s foot that Messi took all his time to erase the Hrault goalkeeper and offer himself the double (0-2, 20th). Completely overwhelmed, the people of Montpellier no longer knew where to turn. Unleashed in the left lane, Mbapp once again did an exceptional job to find Di Maria, who after a ball extended by an opposing defender, found the fault on a volley against (0-3, 27th). Passes millimeters, small bridges, scarf cut, visitors were delighted. Mbapp could have even driven the nail a little more on his curling shot that hit the post. An incredible half-time from PSG. Mbapp rewarded After the break, Paris continued its march forward at a less frantic pace but enough to still hurt Montpellier. Souquet, wandering in all directions for an hour, could consider himself lucky not to concede a penalty after a clash with Mbapp … before making the mistake a few minutes later. A penalty that the world champion had no trouble transforming (0-4, 60th). A recital of the players of the capital, who were not at all worried apart from a vicious cross from Mollet which touched the outside post of Donnarumma. In the last twenty minutes, the Parisians loosened the grip and allowed their opponents to breathe. Despite everything, young Michut and Simons wanted to take advantage of the crumbs left by Mauricio Pochettino to show off. On a ball from the Dutchman, Messi also passed close to the tripl on an unacademic volley. A last action for a PSG which made one of its best copies of the season. Too bad it’s done in a match without stakes that will quickly be forgotten… The score of the match: 5/10 There was never a match. We probably had the best version of PSG this season as Mbapp, Messi and Di Maria have flown over this part. Abundant technical gestures, high-class transmissions, we were spoiled. Unfortunately, it takes two teams to make a match… and Montpellier has completely missed it. A match without stake that the Parisians did not miss. The goals: – On a corner quickly played left, Mbapp serves Messi who hands it to him. The French striker temporizes and finds La Pulga, who sees Di Maria let the ball pass between his legs to chain with a flat foot placed with his left foot in the opposite side netting (0-1, 6th). – Donnarumma sends a long hand ball for Bernat, who transmits Mbapp. On the left side, the French striker distills a magnificent cross from the outside of the foot for Messi, who alone in the area, erases Bertaud to score in the empty goal (0-2, 20th). – On the left, Mbapp realizes a new festival to center at the far post towards Di Maria. Despite a deflected ball, the Argentinian tries a volley which finds the net following a block from a defender from Hérault (0-3, 27th). – Launched into the area with a good ball from Di Maria , Mbapp is caught and mowed down by Souquet. The French striker does not tremble and deceives Bertaud with a low shot to the ground on his left (0-4, 60th). Player NOTES Maxifoot has awarded a note (out of 10) comments on each player. The man of the match: Kylian Mbapp (9.5/10) A crazy match for the French striker. Absolutely untenable, he literally crippled the Montpellier defence. The proof, he is involved in the four goals with two decisive passes, in particular the second from the outside of the foot, of rare beauty, also leading to the achievement of Di Maria. He himself obtains a penalty which he transforms without trembling. An extraordinary performance for the Parisian. Despite this almost perfect match, the former Monaco player is only one goal ahead of Wissam Ben Yedder, triple scorer against Brest, in the ranking of the best directors with 25 pawns. MONTPELLIER: To come: discover the notes and comments on the players of MONTPELLIER, updated in a few moments…PARIS SG: Gianluigi Donnarumma (6): the Parisian goalkeeper did not have much to do this evening. Apart from a few very safe situations in the first half, he had a very quiet game. Note his excellent clearance with the hand which leads to the second Parisian goal. Thilo Kehrer (6.5): as on all his last outings, the German defender, placed on the right, was sober and clean. Solid in his lane, he secured his area well to prevent the Montpellier residents from progressing. Replaced in the 85th minute by Achraf Hakimi (not noted). Marquinhos (7): Alongside Ramos, the Parisian captain seems much more comfortable. Solid, he was very diligent, leaving no crumbs to his opponents. A great evening for the Brazilian central defender, who is climbing the slope after a very complicated start to the spring. Sergio Ramos (7): we can still see the difference with the Spanish central defender on the ground… Always facing forward , he never hesitated to play vertically to push back the opposing block. The former Real Madrid player has, as usual, sought to score by being very present on attacking set pieces. Good Ramos.Juan Bernat (6.5): a good outing for the Spanish left side. Without overdoing it, he lent his support to Mbapp in the hallway to smash Souquet’s head. He played his rhythm and rather cleanly. Replaced in the 85th minute by Nuno Mendes (not rated). Ander Herrera (6): back in the starting lineup, the Spanish midfielder did the job. Without being exceptional, he worked well in midfield. A match of duty for the former Manchester United player. Replaced the 69th minute by douard Michut (not not). Georginio Wijnaldum (4): at the bottom of the hole since his arrival, the Dutch midfielder had the opportunity to reassure himself. Rat. Very discreet, he touched almost three times fewer balls than Herrera, four times fewer than Verratti, in the first period. Apart from an extended header at the start of the match, we saw him too little. Very clearly the least good of the Parisians. Replaced in the 69th minute by Xavi Simons (not rated). Marco Verratti (7): with attackers as involved and efficient, the Italian midfielder was necessarily more comfortable. Omnipresent in the construction of the game, the European champion was able to distribute the right balls to launch the attacking trio. He never forced himself to be very clearly above the lot. ngel Di Mara (8): there is one who obviously wants a new contract… Positioned on the right wing, El Fideo was incredible d self-abnegation. Constant pressing that he has probably not achieved since his arrival in the capital, class openings, millimeter passes and a goal to drive the point home before half an hour of play. He is also the origin of the penalty obtained by Mbapp. A big game for him, his best of the season. Replaced the 89 minute by Djeidi Gassama (not noted). Lionel Messi (9): the Argentine striker has probably delivered his best score since his arrival. In a very free playmaking role, La Pulga made the Montpellier defense suffer by always placing themselves between the lines or on the edge of offside, like on their two goals full of composure. At the creation, the sevenfold Ballon d’Or distributed caviar after caviar with disconcerting ease. Very good Messi, reminiscent of FC Barcelona. Kylian Mbappe (9.5): read comment above.+ Find the results and the Ligue 1 ranking on Maxifoot good players of the match? Comment in the “comments” box below! MONTPELLIER 0-4 PARIS SG (mid-time: 0-3) – FRANCE – Ligue 1 / Matchday 37
Stadium: Stade de la Mosson, Montpellier – Referee: Jeremy Stinat, FranceGoals: – L. Messi (6th) L. Messi (20th). Di Mara (26th) K. Mbapp (60th, pen.) for PARIS SG
Warnings: A. Souquet (41st), J. Ferri (89th), for MONTPELLIER – Ander Herrera (34th), X. Simons (70th), K. Mbapp (85th), Marquinhos (90+3rd), for PARIS SGMONTPELLIER: D. Bertaud – Thuler (N. Gioacchini, 53rd), N. Cozza, M. Esteve – A. Souquet (S. Sambia, 76th), M. Ristic – F. Mollet (L. Leroy, 77th), J. Ferri , J. Chotard, S. Delaye (A. Oyongo, 73rd) – S. Mavididi (V. Germain, 53rd)PARIS SG: G. Donnarumma – Marquinhos, Sergio Ramos – T. Kehrer (Nuno Mendes, 85th), Juan Bernat (A. Hakimi, 85th) – G. Wijnaldum (X. Simons, 69th), M. Verratti, Ander Herrera (E. Michut, 68th) – . Di Mara (D. Gassama, 89th), L. Messi, K. Mbapp


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