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today 21:36 | The Slovak hockey players lost in their second match in the A-group at the World Championships in Finland with Germany by just 1: 2 and with three points they are in fourth place in the table. The Germans decided the triumph with two goals in the range of five minutes in the second period, to which only Kristián Pospíšil could answer. Slovakia will meet next on Monday at 15.20 with the favorite of the A-group Canada. The Germans will take office four hours later against France. Ice Hockey World Championship 2022 – A-Group: Slovakia – Germany 1: 2 (0: 0, 1: 2, 0: 0) Goals: 32. Pospíšil (Jánošík, Tamáši) – 22. Plachta, 27. Pföderl (Noebels) : Heikkinen (FIN), Ohlund (Sweden) – Sormunen (FIN), Yletyinen (Sweden), suspension: 3: 2 for 2 min, power-ups: 0: 0, weakening: 0: 0, 4387 spectators Slovakia: Rybár – Čerešňák, Rosandič, Nemec, Ivan, Grman, Jánošík, Gachulinec – Tatar, Krištof, Lantoši – Slafkovský, Roman, Regenda – Pospíšil, Tamáši, Lunter – Liška, Minárik, Takáč Germany: Grubauer – Seider, M. Müller , J. Müller, Holzer, Wissmann, Wagner, Bittner – Ehliz, Stützle, Plachta – Pföderl, Michaelis, Noebels – Fischbuch, Loibl, Schmölz – Soramies, Kastner, Ehl The first third did not bring much hockey beauty. The teams played carefully in defense, physically and did not launch risky attacks. The Slovaks were more active in shooting, but their opponents had a better chance. Both teams played with high intensity even in personal fights, which gradually increased, but the game was clean. From the beginning, the Germans attacked the Slovak passing high. Regenda had a chance to take the lead on Regenda’s dazzling drive up the left, but the opportunity fizzled away as his shot went just over the bar after 2 minutes. In the 5th minute, J. Müller fired hard from behind the walls, but Rybár was not surprised. In the 15th minute, Takáč made a mistake in the back guard, who wanted to avoid the attacking opponent, but did not hit the puck. He got to Ehl, who tried to push him through Rybár’s concrete, but failed. Tatar’s best chance was Slovakia’s Krištof, but the captain’s shot went just wide. A minute later, the Germans were eliminated unnecessarily and the Germans put a lot of pressure in the power play. However, the Slovaks blocked their missiles well and the Fisherman held them. Also read the Hockey World Cup 2022: Latvians kept Finland in check for a long time, the home team hit until … The duel score changed in the 22nd minute. The Germans won the puck and went on the attack, Plachta passed in front of the goal, where Jánošík unhappily knocked down the puck for Rybár – 0: 1. Slovakia tried to respond quickly and aimed at Liška, Gachulinc and Rosandič in a short sequence of Grubauer, but neither took off. On the other hand, Nemcom’s fast-paced 2 – 1 shot out a penalty 27 minutes into the match. The contact goal could have come immediately, but Roman failed on Grubauer, who in the 30th minute also managed with a chance for Lantoši and Krištof’s subsequent finish. Slovakia saw in the 32nd minute. Pospíšilova’s shot just hung around the goal, but the Slovak striker pulled the puck after another throw, circled the goal and pushed it behind a helpless German goalkeeper. After the contact goal, however, the Slovak onslaught did not come, he was defeated by the exclusions of Gachulinc and Ivan and the Germans played a minute and 24 seconds five against three. Ramsay’s charges were selfless, shot and fired. In the end, the thirds were close to equalizing several times, but they did not prevail in the power play either. Read also the program of matches of Slovakia at the World Hockey Championship 2022 It continued at the beginning of the third part and the Slovaks played 44 seconds even against three, although they combined in the offensive zone, but too few shots were aimed at Grubauer. He sent the most dangerous at the end of the ordinary power play Pospíšil. The Germans played skillfully in the next minutes, they defended the middle zone very well, they left the opponents almost useless and threatened themselves with breaks. After one of them, Ehl could have added a third goal, but he only aimed at Rybár’s chest. Ramsay’s charges were hard to get into the zone, and even though they did, they couldn’t settle there and quickly lost their pucks. The image of the game did not change and the Slovaks quickly passed the time. In the 56th minute, they managed to settle in the zone for a longer period and Tatar was in a good position, Grubauer performed again. Slovakia recalled the goalkeeper two minutes before the end, Ramsay then took a break, but his charges were no longer able to equalize. Slovakia’s second opponent: Germany


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