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India has banned the export of wheat abroad – REFRESHER


Interesting facts – Foreign The reason is the rapidly rising prices in the domestic market. Share Save Saved Share Share article You must be logged in to save an article. Failed to save changes. Try logging in again and try again. If the problem persists, please contact the administrator. An error has occurred If problems persist, please contact the administrator. Source: TASR – Lukáš Grinaj India, the second largest producer of wheat in the world, has banned its export abroad with immediate effect. The reason is the rapidly rising prices on the domestic market, informs RTVS.

Exceptions are irrevocable orders or exports to countries for which wheat is vital. Wheat exports from the Black Sea region have fallen sharply since Russia invaded Ukraine in late February. Global buyers have turned to India. Export ban comes at a time when hot and dry weather is slowing wheat exports in France, for example. “If we don’t pour it, we will lose 50% of our production,” a young farmer from a village in central France told AFP. The country is a European agricultural power, the largest producer of grain in the 27-member European Union (EU) and the world’s fourth or fifth largest exporter of wheat. France’s annual output affects global prices, which are already at record levels for the war in Ukraine. This leads to fears of a global hunger crisis. Illustration photo. Source: TASR / AP / AP Photo / Amr Nabil

World food prices reached an all-time high in March after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), accounted for 20% of global wheat and corn exports over the past three years.

However, Russia blocked Ukrainian ports, stopping exports by sea. The French data analysis company Kayrrosa recently calculated that the area of ​​wheat planted in Ukraine has decreased by a third this year due to the conflict, according to satellite images.
NGOs and the UN have warned that hunger or even famine could affect import-dependent vulnerable countries in Africa and the Middle East. Illustration photo. Source: TASR / AP / Mohammad Sajjad

With leading wheat producers such as Kansas and Oklahoma in the United States as well, the prospect of a poor harvest in France in 2022 is particularly bad news.

Current wheat prices in Europe are at a record 400 euros per tonne, which is a sharp increase from the already high level of around 260 euros per tonne at the beginning of the year before the Russian invasion of Ukraine. High prices are expected to stimulate more planting in the US. According to the FAO, higher yields in Canada and Russia, as well as Pakistan and India, could help offset the below-average harvest in Western Europe. Report a bug. If you find a defect in the article or have comments, let us know. Source: TASR, rtvs.skPreview image: TASR / AP / AP Photo / Amr Nabil

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