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Online broadcast: Sweden – Austria today at the World Hockey Championship 2022 (LIVE) –


The Swedes win the opening duel at the World Cup, Austria fights 3: 1.59: 28Ekman-Larsson’s blocked attempt, the Austrians did not get the puck out of the third.58: 41Wallmark’s pass did not pass, Austria throws across all the lines.57: 52Austria brought the puck into the offensive zone. for Sweden.57: 33Exclusion in Austria:
Brian Lebler – 2 min., Tripping.56: 54Mini renumbering of Sweden, finished Wallmark. Högberg had to intervene on the other side. Then another shot, this time by Lebler.56: 18Austria seized the puck in its own zone and took it to the offensive, where it came.55: 02The match is played well, as if both teams were satisfied with the current result. The Swedes do not push the saw.53: 18Swedish opportunity looked dangerous, but the goal did not end. Pass from the goal line to the player between the circles, Starkbaum puk knocked.52: 27The shot from the first from the left circle to the goal did not pass, the Swedes can play.51: 02Gustafsson approached the goal with the puck, but he shot from the rink axis.49: 55Friberg’s shot , the betrayed puck didn’t get to Starkbaum.49: 0649: 06Gustafsson took it, but he didn’t hit the Austrian goal either.48: 11Online: Sweden – Austria, LIVE broadcast from the World Hockey Championship 2022 | SPORTNETVery nice individual action Dahlin, who shuffled between several players, but ended inaccurately.47: 24After Brome’s activity, Starkbaum scored another successful intervention.46: 53Kellman lost the puck, but Ganahl did not have enough support from his teammates, but fired and forced Hög. The Swedish goalkeeper hid the puck in the trap.46: 05Ekman-Larsson fired from the guardrail to the closer pole, which Starkbaum covered44: 23The Austrians try it with long passes, but the Swedes forge and make it difficult for the Austrians to pass.43: 34The game is bitten, inaccuracy .42: 35Dahlin passed to Kellman, his attempt was betrayed at the last moment.41: 56Bromé skated a puck thrown on the back guard, but the Swedes did not endanger the gate. The Austrians went ahead.40: 46The Swedes started actively, Austria frees itself at the cost of a forbidden release.40: 01The third period started. In the second period we saw one goal, Nordström scored it in the 33rd minute. Sweden wins Austria 3: 1.
The third period starts at 13: 04.40: 00The second period is over.39: 46The Russians turned the game around and still managed to threaten Högberg Schneider.39: 11Nissner’s shot hired Högberg, who was getting a puck in the trap.38: 45After Asplund’s shot from the left circle St interfering, the puck went to the side.38: 17Kellman’s penetration was guarded by the Austrians, Baumgartner seized the puck on the back mantineli.37: 02Tömmernes fired, his shot was knocked off the gate.36: 35Prohibited release of the Austrian team passes the game in front of the goalkeeper Starkbadi.36: 06 they managed personal battles on the back guard and settled in the attack zone. Asplund got a chance.34: 38Exclusion in Sweden:
Oliver Ekman-Larsson – 2 min., Cross. Exclusion in team Austria:
Brian Lebler – 2 min., Roughness.
34: 37Austrian player created a shooting position in the right circle, his shot is caught by Högberg, the puck did not go ahead.34: 14The Swedes defend themselves.33: 31The thrown puck ended up in front of Högberg, the Swedes hit him across all the lines.32: 57Exclusion in the team Sweden :
Carl Klingberg – 2 min., Tripping.32: 0732: 07Online: Sweden – Austria, LIVE broadcast from the World Hockey Championship 2022 | SPORTNETSweden scored!
Again, the Swedes have a two-goal lead. Gustafsson played for Bromý, who skated the rink, created the whole action and finished it.
Assists: M. Bromé, E. Gustafsson-41: 54I don’t interrupt for a long time Gustafsson sets up an attack in his own zone.30: 46Next renumbering of Sweden in its own weakening. The blocked shot this time flew right next to it.30: 05Online: Sweden – Austria, LIVE broadcast from the World Hockey Championship 2022 | SPORTNET The Austrians recombined, did not finish, and the Swedes read their cross pass. They entered the offensive zone, where Kellman ended dangerously after Asplunda’s pass.29: 17Exclusion in the Sweden team:
Oliver Ekman-Larsson – 2 min., Dangerous game with a high stick.29: 05Nissner fired from the first round. What’s going on with the Swedes? There are currently better Austrians.28: 01Online: Sweden – Austria, LIVE broadcast from the World Hockey Championship 2022 | SPORTNETA dangerous Austrian attack, Huber concluded, 27: 28 The Swedes are defending themselves, but the Austrians have nothing to be ashamed of. They created a nice chance and ran. They feel that you can play with the Swedes.26: 2826: 28After Kasper’s excellent pass from behind the gate, Lebler shot. Högberg pushed the puck to the top net.25: 56Online: Sweden – Austria, LIVE broadcast from the World Hockey Championship 2022 | SPORTNET The Austrians won the bulls, the puck headed for Haudum, who had space in front of him, his shot stamped the upper throat!
Henrik Tömmernes – 2 min., Chopping.24: 51Kellman’s shot was not accurate, expels the Swedes from the offensive zone.24: 23Gustafsson passed the backhand in front of the goal, did not find a teammate, the puck went through the goal.23: 50They succeeded, the last tens of seconds played in the middle zone. pressure from the opening third and shelling the Austrian gate. Starkbaum had to intervene after Klingberg’s shot.20: 39The situation was three against three, but the Austrians failed to finish. Raffl had it for a long time.
The second period starts at 12: 11.20: 00The first period has ended.19: 3019: 30Online: Sweden – Austria, LIVE broadcast from the World Hockey Championship 2022 | SPORTNETAustria scored a goal!
Austria scores a contact goal! The Austrians took advantage of Larsson’s hesitation, set out from their own zone, Heinrich pulled the action, passed on the right wing to PETRO SCHNEIDER, who stretched and knocked Högberg down.
Assist: D. Heinrich18: 53The shot of Austria from the blue line was finely dotted, Högberg did not let himself be thrown and hid the puck in the trap.16: 3616: 36Online: Sweden – Austria, LIVE broadcast from the World Hockey Championship 2022 | SPORTNETSweden scored!
Sweden’s second goal is in the world, due to MAX FRIBERG. The Austrians in the defensive zone played badly, on Swedish hockey sticks, Kellman pulled the puck closer to the gate, where he served it to Friberg in a small space and he hit under the upper pole.
Assist: J. Kellman16: 13Tömmernes threw the puck from the blue, bounced in front of the gate, Asplund finished close, Starkbaum covers.14: 51Online: Sweden – Austria, LIVE broadcast from the World Hockey Championship 2022 | SPORTNETBengtsson lost the puck in the defensive zone, the Austrians quickly combined and created a shooting position. However, Högberg performed an important intervention and held his team.13: 21Haudum penetrated the left wing and sent the puck past the guardrail, only Tömmernes won behind the gate.12: 51 , the puck bounced off it. A little later, he fired after a pass from the first, dusting off Starkbaum’s concrete.11: 1111: 11Klingberg’s shooting attempt was blocked. The Swedes remain in the attack.10: 35Online: Sweden – Austria, LIVE broadcast from the World Hockey Championship 2022 | SPORTNETBemström had two great opportunities, but both were thwarted by the excellent Starkbaum 09: 52 Exclusion in the Austria team:
Benjamin Nissner – 2 min., Hooking. interrupted the game.07: 28The Russians could have gone forward, but very quickly they were eliminated by the Swedish defense.06: 46Another Swedish opportunity, Nordström shot a shot just in front of Starkbaum.06: 04Starkbaum simply covered the puck after Gustafsson’s run.05: 30Sweden fails, Starkba work.04: 46Austria managed to burn the puck across all lines.04: 22Exclusion in the team Austria:
Benjamin Baumgartner – 2 min., Hooking. Starkbaum interrupted the game.03: 09Interesting opportunity for Austria. Ganahl won the puck in the middle zone, got the defending players and shot from the rink axis to the prepared Högberg.02: 0802: 08Online: Sweden – Austria, LIVE broadcast from the World Hockey Championship 2022 | SPORTNETSweden scored!
Simple fast Swedish action and very quickly we have the opening goal of the match. Klingberg waited, passed JOEL KELLMAN from behind the circle and sent the puck into the upper corner of the goal with a shot from the first. Starkbaum’s trap went into the air empty.
Assists: A. Bengtsson, C. Klingberg01: 31Nordström tried to score it in the right circle, the goal area didn’t hit. : Sweden: Högberg (Hellberg) – Larsson (A), Dahlin, Ekman-Larsson (C), Gustafsson, Tömmernes, Lindholm – Wallmark, Bemström, Bromé – Friberg, Kellman, Asplund – Bengtsson, Nordström (A), Klingberg.Austria : Starkbaum (Kickert) – Hackl, Maier, Zündel, Heinrich (A), Wolf, Kirchschläger, Wimmer, Brunner – Ganahl (A), Haudum, Kasper – Schneider, Raffl (C), Nissner – Lebler, Feldner, Baumgartner – Wukowits , Achermann, Huber.Today’s game day is rich in matches, up to six will take place. Before noon, the national teams of Sweden and Austria will compete in Group B in Tampere. The Northerners are a clear paper favorite. Will they claim their first tournament win? SWEDEN will try to make up for last year’s failure when it did not advance to the quarterfinals at the Riga World Championships. At the next top tournament, the Beijing Olympics, the Swedes reached for a medal, but lost to our hockey players in the battle for bronze. AUSTRIA did not originally appear at this year’s World Cup, but was given a seat due to the exclusion of Belarus. The Austrians took part in two Euro Hockey Challenge preparatory tournaments, but they never managed to win. SWEDISH NOMINATION: Goalkeepers: Marcus Högberg (Linköping), Oscar Dansk (Spartak Moscow / KHL), Magnus Hellberg (Detroit / NHL) Defenders: Christian Folin (Frölunda), Jonathan Pudas (Skelleftea AIK), Rasmus Dahlin (Buffalo / NHL), Erik Gustafsson (Chicago / NHL), Adam Larsson (Seattle / NHL), Oliver Ekman Larsson (Vancouver / NHL), Anton Lindholm (Dinamo Minsk / KHL), Henrik Tömmernes (Geneva / Switzerland) Attackers: Nils Aman, Oskar Lang (both Leksand), Max Friberg, Elmer Söderblom (both Frölunda), Joakim Nordström, Lucas Wallmark (both CSKA Moscow / KHL), Anton Bengtsson (Rögle), Linus Karlsson (Skelleftea AIK), Joel Kellman (Växjö), Rasmus Asplund (Buffalo / NHL), Emil Bemström (Columbus / NHL), Mathias Bromé (Davos / Switzerland), Carl Klingberg (Zug / Switzerland) NOMINATION OF AUSTRIA: Goalkeepers: David Kickert, Bernhard Starkbaum (both Vienna Capitals / ICEHL), David Madlener (Dornbirn / ICEHL ). Defenders: Dominique Heinrich, Philipp Wimmer, Kilian Zündel (all Salzburg / ICEHL), David Maier, Clemens Unterweger (both and Klagenfurt / ICEHL), Nico Brunner (Villach / ICEHL), Dominic Hackl (Vienna Capitals / ICEHL), Erik Kirchschläger (Graz / ICEHL), Bernd Wolf (Lugano / Switzerland) Attackers: Paul Huber, Brian Lebler, Benjamin Nissner, Thomas Raffl, Peter Schneider, Ali Wukovits (all Salzburg / ICEHL), Manuel Ganahl, Lukas Haudum (both Klagenfurt / ICEHL), Simeon Schwinger (Vienna / ICEHL), Oliver Achermann (La Chaux-de-Fonds / Switzerland), Benjamin Baumgartner, (Lausanne / Switzerland), Nico Feldner (Sheffield Steelers / EIHL), Marco Kasper (Rögle / Sweden) Welcome to the online broadcast. The meeting will start at 11:20.


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