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Kendrick Lamar releases “Mr Morale & the Big Steppers”: five things to remember from the new album where he reveals himself


They had been waiting for him for 5 years. The link to the album had barely been posted on twitter by Kendrick Lamar when fans rushed to plug in their headphones and reconnect to the streaming platforms they had been updating since midnight Friday. Because it is today, Friday May 13, that Mr Morale & the Big Steppers, the new album of the American rapper was released, which had already given news at the beginning of the week with a disconcerting clip. Drowned under the influx of thousands of users, the giants Apple Music and Spotify have suffered several crashes, preventing some rap lovers from discovering the double album. We were able to listen to the entire project. Conspiracy and war in Ukraine Faithful to the rapper’s discography, this new album overflows with current affairs references. Recognized for his sharp and subversive pen, Kendrick Lamar offers, as usual, the criticism of a fragmented society. The rapper notably tackles the rise of conspiracy theories emanating from religious groups during the Covid-19 crisis. In Savior, he lets go: “Seen a Christian say the vaccine mark of the beast, then he caught Covid and prayed to Pfizer for relief”. Hear: “I saw a Christian say that the vaccine is a sign of the end of the world and of the Antichrist, then he caught the Covid and prayed to Pfizer for relief”.

The pen of Kendrick Lamar, pugnacious and brilliant, also denounces the behavior of political figures including Vladimir Putin, whom the rapper was already targeting in The Heart Part 4. In Mr Moral & The Big Steppers he returns to the charge by naming the Russian president by his first name: “Vladimir making nightmares”, which can be translated as “Vladimir creates nightmares”. The artist denounces here the responsibility of the head of the Kremlin in the outbreak of the war in Ukraine at the end of February. Denounce transphobia and homophobia While we knew he was committed against discrimination against the African-American community, poverty or even mental health, the Compton prodigy now adds transphobia and homophobia affecting the community to his picture. LGBTQ+. Highlight of the album, the track Auntie Diaries looks back on the transition of his aunt who became a man and his cousin, now a woman. Over a minimalist instrumental, the artist whispers the trajectory of two of his relatives and the discrimination they suffered as black and transgender people. “He didn’t laugh as hard when the kids start joking ‘Faggot, faggot, faggot’. We ain’t know no better Middle school kids with no filter”, sings the rapper reporting the episodes where his cousin was called ” pedals” by his classmates.

The artist takes the opportunity to criticize himself, denouncing his own actions and prejudices: “Demetrius is Mary-Ann now. I mean he’s really Mary-Ann, even took things further, changed his gender before Bruce Jenner, was certain living his truth even if it meant see a surgeon. We didn’t talk for a while, he seemed more distant, wasn’t comfortable around me, everything was offensive”, or in French: “Demetrius is Mary-Ann now, I mean that he really is Mary-Ann, he even took it one step further, changed his gender before Bruce Jenner, was sure he was living his truth even if it meant seeing a surgeon We didn’t speak to each other for a while , he seemed more distant, was not comfortable with me, everything was offensive”. This title will certainly mark a turning point in the history of rap, it is the first song where a rapper as popular as Kendrick Lamar confesses its support for the LGBTQ+ community. The rapper confesses his deception Kendrick’s confessions about very personal episodes of his life continue. In this new album, the artist confides having had an affair with a white woman while he was still with his fiancée, Whitney Alford, with whom he has just had his second child. The rapper says he even wondered if he was not in turn racist in cheating on his wife of African-American origin, with a white woman. A behavior which, according to him, would outrage his ancestors if they were still there: “I said I may be racist. The ancestors watching me fuck it was like a punishment for me” (“Whitney asked did I have a problem. I said, “I might be racist. Ancestors watchin’ me fuck was like retaliation”), he chants nervously in Worldwide Steppers.

The pair were recently spotted in Ghana, which may negate the rapper’s dreaded split at the time of writing the track. A spirituality so present Through the pieces, different voices are heard: that of the rappers Kodak Black and Baby Keem omnipresent in the project, of his companion Whitney Alford, of the rock group Florence and the Machine, but also that of Eckhart Tolle . The writer, recognized as a spiritual coach today, was made famous for his book The Power of the Present, published in 1997. At the time, the book would remain in the shadows until he knew a huge success with American stars who will make Eckhart Tolle their personal spiritual guide. Invited in the early 2000s by Oprah Winfrey who says she felt a revelation while reading the book, the author will gain worldwide popularity. We understand a little better why Kendrick Lamar granted him the role of narrator in several pieces crossed by the theme of spirituality in Mr Morale, the second part of the album.
A family affair Mr Morale & the Big Steppers is also a family affair. Beyond the texts that evoke the love and admiration of the artist for his children, his fiancée or his mother, rapper Kendrick Lamar also wanted to invite his cousin Baby Keem, rapper and producer who won not less than four trophies including that of “best new artist” and “best album of the year” at the last Grammys. Logical that we feel the influence of the young artist on certain tracks like N95, where he also appears as one of the producers.


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