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Development of the fighting (Day 63): Two disturbing maps explaining the seriousness of the threat near Izium and Slovanysko – Denník N


The Ukrainian lieutenant talks about how difficult the current fighting is. Explanation of the temporary change in the direction of the Russian attack on Izium. Situation near the town of Lyman, which is the gateway to Sloviansk. Videos of the day – excursion to the captured Russian tank T-80BVM; dramatic shots of the Ukrainian airport under fire; a wonderful waste of the most expensive Russian ammunition. Even today, we bring you a summary of the situation on the battlefield, compiled from information from various ministries of defense and independent analysts. The series also features the observations of Russian nationalist and criminal Igor Strelkov (Girkin), who was a key figure in the outbreak of the war in 2014, but in addition to the success of the Russian army on his profile on the Russian social network VKontakte, he writes openly about its defeats and problems. The information in this text is a summary of the results of the fighting on Wednesday, April 27. The current situation in some places may be different. An overview of confirmed losses is at the end of the article. Today’s battle review will not be a joyous read. Paradoxically, the most optimistic view for us is offered by the Russian ultranationalist Igor Strelkov, who traditionally concludes analysts’ evaluations. The Russians are pushing more and more, all sources agree. They still haven’t reached a decisive breakthrough and it doesn’t even seem to happen in a short time (if at all), but in several places they persistently push the Ukrainian defense. The Russian army uses its superiority in artillery and weakens the position of the defenders by heavy bombing. It is a tactic that uses material superiority – bombing, advancing, bombing, advancing and so on. The situation around Izium is particularly tense. The maps will help it best, so they will take precedence over the traditional evaluations of the Ukrainian and British armies (Slovak is missing today) and American analysts + Strelkov, of course. A BBC report directly from Donbas also testifies to the intensity of the fighting. British journalists cite the lieutenant of the Ukrainian army Denys Gordeyev, who has become accustomed to the war over the years, but says that today he has a worse appearance. “It’s much harder now,” he says. “They’re bombing us, they’re shooting at us with rockets every day, all the time, every hour.” The day before the journalists visited, he lost one killed and five wounded soldiers. I write that it is only a fraction of Ukrainian losses. When they wanted to visit a nearby field hospital, they did not allow them to explain that it was too busy. The morale of the soldiers is still high and they say victory. What is happening around Izium and what threatens to happen Today This article is the exclusive content for the subscribers of the Diary N. Are you a subscriber?

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