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Ukraine, defense minister spokesman: “We need unlimited military help, we cover Europe’s backs”


(by Roberta Lanzara) – “The aid of the US and the EU is an important element in countermeasures to Russian aggression. And the first batches of the new US military aid package of 800 million dollars are already arriving in Ukraine. However, , as President Zelensky has already pointed out, to save our people and our cities Ukraine needs unlimited military aid. Russia uses all its available arsenal against us, without limitations. ” Colonel Oleksandr Motuzianyk, spokesman and official representative of the defense minister of Ukraine, told Adnkronos. Oleksandr Motuzianyk continues: “Partner countries actively help Ukraine also with regard to weapons. It is no secret that it is precisely the weapons that our country needs. We need modern artillery systems, armored vehicles, airplanes, radio-electronic reconnaissance tools. We also need anti-aircraft defense systems to protect our peaceful cities from the infamous enemy missile attacks. ” “In fact – he remarks – we have our backs to all of Europe and to the whole civilized world. And we know that if Russia were to conquer Ukraine, then it would move forward for its imperial ambitions. essentially, he never hid “. According to the spokesman, in fact,” Russia’s objective is clear “. “In short: Moscow aims to destroy the Ukrainian state system as such; and to return Ukraine to Russia’s sphere of control. But the very strong resistance of the Ukrainians forced the Russians to make major changes to their programs. So now they say that they have always only planned to establish control over the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, which they are trying to do at the moment “. There is a Russian “minimum plan that looks at the geographical borders of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, as well as the overland corridor in the Crimea they occupied in 2014; and a maximum plan, at least at this stage, which aims at control of the South. Ukraine “. Is the Ukrainian army on alert in the northern part of the country after the announcement by Finland and Sweden to join NATO? “While taking into account the warnings of the partner countries, it must be understood very well that Russian intentions to continue occupying the territory of Ukraine remain unchanged. The Ukrainian army remains in a state of maximum alert in the north of Ukraine but this is not linked to the declarations of third countries of wanting to join NATO “, reports the spokesman. Do you fear the use of chemical and nuclear weapons by the Russians? “Russia could use them. But it must be understood that nuclear weapons are the last piece in the hands of the Russian Federation. At the moment – he says – we do not see such signals. Even our international partners and our intelligence have no information about it, with which we exchange data “. “But taking into account the continuous threats and veiled allusions of the Russian leadership, in any case we must be ready for the situation to evolve, therefore also for this. Also because we – he remembers – know very well who we are dealing with”. how many in Italy say they are against sending weapons? “We cannot blame or condemn the position of some EU countries if it is not in line with the position of our country. And the statements of high-level people, of any nation, regarding the handing over of lethal weapons to Ukraine , cannot be considered as hostile towards Ukraine “, Colonel Oleksandr Motuzianyk replies to the Adnkronos, specifying that” at the same time, such declarations cannot rise, for example, to European values ​​for the defense of democracy and human lives. because Ukraine today opposes an aggressor who violates all forms, methods and customs of warfare. Russia kills civilians, children and women; destroys cities in the 21st century, when it seemed the world had learned to live without global wars “. “In this war, Europeans are dying, because Ukraine is a European country. And it is not only geographically. We believe and live by the norms and standards of contemporary countries and we respect their principles. Therefore Russia has started a war. against Europe. And this – comments the spokesman of the Ukrainian Defense Minister – is not an exaggeration “. Are you aware of the presence of Italian citizens among those who left Europe to lend a hand to the Ukrainian people and army? “Foreign citizens have the opportunity to help Ukraine with weapons in hand. We now know that representatives of more than 50 countries, including Italy, have joined our international Legion.” “To date there are many people around the world who support the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and provide global aid to the Ukrainian Armed Forces since the beginning of the war. Many citizens of Poland, Romania, Great Britain, France, Spain , Italy and representatives of European charities constantly provide financial and material aid “. Your army is fighting with valor practically everywhere. Have you met many enemy mercenaries? “According to information gathered from various sources, there are mass confirmations of the descent into the field of mercenaries in favor of Russia. On the internet – he notes – there are also individual messages of participation of foreigners in the military struggle against the Ukrainian people”. “The Attorney General’s Office has opened criminal proceedings regarding the presence of mercenaries in the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine. Unfortunately, some foreigners continue to fight for Russia. In addition, a secret mobilization is underway in Russia, they are engaging in active people, especially former soldiers, who took part in the war actions in Syria, Afghanistan, Chechnya “, he concludes.


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