NewsWorldCURRENT: Zoroslav Kollár confirmed Pčolinský's bribery - Startitup

CURRENT: Zoroslav Kollár confirmed Pčolinský’s bribery – Startitup


The news informs about the confession of Zoroslav Kollár, who stated that he bribed the former SIS chief Vladimír Pčolinský. The portal confirmed three independent sources that Kollár was willing to accept an agreement on guilt and punishment. As a result of this confession, there was a huge turnaround in the case. At Pčolinský’s command, however, the monitoring and interception of his telephone was terminated. For that to happen, Kollár had to pay 40,000 euros. Beňa and Pčolinský allegedly shared them. The former head of tax criminals, Ľudovít Makó, who was supposed to be a courier in this case, is also involved in the case. To date, three of the four actors in the case have admitted to corruption. Pčolinský claims that he did not receive a bribe. However, Makó, Beňa and Kollár claim something completely different. The investigator of the National Criminal Agency brought charges against the entrepreneur Zoroslav Kollár and the former director of the Slovak Information Service Vladimír Pčolinský at the beginning of February 2022. The law firm Boom & Smart Slovakia, which represents Zoroslav Kollár, informed about it on the social network. “This procedure of the National Criminal Agency in cooperation with the Office of the Special Prosecutor’s Office only confirms what we have said so far that criminal law is currently used to criminalize a predetermined group of people, including our client,” the lawyers said. They added that a closer opinion on the matter would be provided by the defense after acquainting itself with the content of the resolution on the indictment. The police also confirmed the charges on the social network. “We can confirm that the NAKA investigator initiated criminal prosecution and at the same time brought charges against two persons, VP for the crime of accepting a bribe, abuse of power Thank you for reading Startitup. If you have a perception or found an error in the article, write to us at [email protected]. Source: News

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