NewsWorldColombian footballers support protests in the country

Colombian footballers support protests in the country


(Cnn in Spanish) – This Thursday, the Colombian Association of Professional Footballers (Acolfutpro) reported through a statement that it supports and joins the protests of Colombian citizens.

“We join those voices that call for a more just, equitable and inclusive country, in which we all are guaranteed, without distinction, the minimum conditions to live with dignity,” the statement said.

Acolfutpro, in the same way, asked the government to have a true national dialogue and to reach agreements that allow citizens to have better opportunities to progress.

A protester protests outside the Romelio Martínez stadium in Barranquilla, Colombia, before the start of the Copa Libertadores match between América de Cali and Atlético Mineiro. (Photo by DANIEL MUNOZ / AFP via Getty Images)

Finally, the association asked the soccer regulators in Colombia, Dimayor and the Colombian Soccer Federation, not to schedule more league games until the current public order situation that affects the entire country and puts it at risk is resolved. the integrity of the country’s professional footballers.

The Colombian Soccer League currently has semifinal matches on the schedule to be played on Sunday, May 16, between Junior from Barranquilla and Millonarios. On the other side of the semifinal key, the La Equidad club still awaits a rival between Tolima and Deportivo Cali, who due to the protests have not been able to play the second second leg of the quarterfinals.

La Equidad has its matches scheduled for May 16 and 23, as well as the matches between Junior and Millonarios.

So far, neither Dimayor nor the Federation have ruled on Acolfutpro’s request.



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