Macron’s response to Mélenchon who asked the French to elect him Prime Minister – Yahoo News

In an interview with “Ouest France”, Emmanuel Macron insisted on Friday on the need not to “confuse the agendas” when speaking of the choice of a Prime Minister before the second round of the presidential election. Asked in an interview with the newspaper “Ouest France” on the possibility of governing with the Insoumis leader, third in the first round of the presidential election, Emmanuel Macron says he has “respect for the citizens, the voters. But as in sports competitions, it is never good to make the game sheet of the final when we are still in the quarter-finals”. “I think that when we confuse the agendas, we rarely make good decisions,” he adds. We must first “convince as many French people as possible to vote for my project” on Sunday. “Afterwards, there will first be decisions to be made, an eminently serious geopolitical context and perhaps decisions that will be profound. Then there will be preparations for legislative elections in June. there and depending on the result that we will see”, he develops in this interview also published by the German group “Funke” and the Italian daily “Il Corriere della Sera”, partners of “Ouest France”. will have a Prime Minister to choose” or “a Prime Minister” Asked the same on France Inter on the possibility that the Prime Minister be in charge of Ecological Planning, an idea taken up by Jean-Luc Mélenchon and announced during his meeting in Marseille, or occupied by the Insoumis leader, Emmanuel Macron considered with a smile that the journalist was making “a fortuitous news link”. “I am fighting, first, to have the confidence of our compatriots on Sunday”, then it will only be ‘”in the light of these legislative” that “there will be a Prime Minister to choose”, or “a Prime Minister”, he underlined, insisting: “man or woman”. With nearly 22% of the votes in the first round of the(…)
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