Presidential: “The debate has clearly made it possible to highlight that Marine Le Pen is the French far right”, for Emmanuel Macron – franceinfo

According to the LREM candidate and outgoing President of the Republic, Marine Le Pen, his rival, “succeeded in advancing masked by pushing other problems”. Article written by Published on 04/22/2022 10:30 Reading time: 1 min. Emmanuel Macron, guest of France Inter on Friday April 22 morning for his final interview before the second round of the presidential election, estimated that the debate between the two rounds on Wednesday evening against Marine Le Pen “clearly made it possible to put in light” that his adversary “is called the extreme right”. He denounced the position of the candidate of the National Rally “which explains that Islam equals Islamism equals terrorism equals problem” according to him, “his progress has shown it” during the debate following a question on the headscarf. “When we have a project which consists in banning the veil in the public space, that is to say breaking with French secularism, when we have a project which consists in not respecting the Constitution, in leaving of the founding texts of our Europe”, said Emmanuel Macron. “The fundamentals of the far right are there,” he said. “Marine Le Pen has managed to move forward masked by pushing other issues”, such as purchasing power, but she “is the heiress of a father, a party, an ideology, which was based on a lot of anti-Semitism,” asserted the president-candidate. Share: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share by email Share link