INCREDIBLE “fun” of tourists in the Tatras: Photos and videos with a bear! They even feed them, the conservationists are furious –

Videos showing the dangerous behavior of tourists in the forest have recently been broadcast on social networks. “Taking pictures of bears and making videos may not always have a happy ending. In addition, feeding is prohibited and bears, which have lost their natural shyness as a result, are awaiting capture and killing, “the ministry warned. According to them, the mentioned bear probably lost its shyness due to the previous behavior of tourists, who fed it only to take a photo with it. “It may also be the reason why the bear is now attracted to the grocery bag. According to the Intervention Team for the Brown Bear, with their irresponsible behavior, visitors to the national park endanger their lives and health, as well as the life of the bear, “they said. They also pointed out that readily available and high-energy food will change the behavior of game, making it a danger to humans. “The desire for a joint photo or video recording with a beast, such as a brown bear, can be avenged. The conservationists call on forest visitors not to underestimate the risk of encountering a bear, so that they never approach it and move only along marked paths. In the event of an unexpected meeting, instead of taking a photo or video, it is best to move in the opposite direction, quietly and peacefully, because in the event of an escape, the bear could consider the tourist escaping prey, “people warn. Photo gallery (3) Source: archive The Ministry of the Environment has long drawn attention to the problem of illegal baiting and feeding. The Intervention Team for Brown Bears of the State Nature Protection of the Slovak Republic, as well as the Slovak Environmental Inspectorate, are actively acting in this matter. The backpack was enough for him, the tourists know him well. The mentioned bear attacked several people who were moving near the well-known cottage of MR Štefánik pod Ďumbierom. He first attacked a woman who was also hiking with friends. The bear began to approach the tourist, and when she wanted to return, he whipped her paw on her backpack twice. She then threw him away on the advice of a friend, which fortunately helped. The bear focused on his backpack and left the woman alone. Later, however, the men who carried supplies to the cottage also had an affair with him. He even chased one of them on skis. Later that day, he also threatened a group of ski alpinists. Photo gallery (3) Source: Getty Images The bear is supposed to be a well-known company in these parts and even enjoys popularity among tourists. “The chatters told me that it was a bear that had been doing sharapata last year, at that time he still had a mother who later weaned him. But last year he was still very shy. This year people started feeding him along the way, at the cottage and even at parking lot, “said the attacked tourist for The bear, which seems to have become accustomed to such treatment by tourists, should have been the subject of complaints and the relevant authorities should have been contacted. However, the intervention was decided only after he attacked the person.