Presidential election 2022: Marine Le Pen in Abbeville, Emmanuel Macron in Figeac… Follow the latest movements of the candidates – Le Monde

For four weeks, the photographer Guillaume Herbaut publishes in Le Monde, every day, a photo which tells the atmosphere of France during this presidential campaign. Arras, April 21. Last meeting of Marine Le Pen. The activists arrive in the parking lot of the Artois Expo exhibition center. A good mood. One carries a flag. “The first to touch it! Watch out for him! ” We laugh. One has just finished eating a banana. “Where do I put the skin? I throw it at Macron? “Inside, we await the arrival of the candidate of the National Rally by listening to titles from Telephone and the Beach Boys. Patricia: “I’m going to get a ‘Marine’ tattoo if she wins on Sunday. A member of the security protection department (DPS), the party’s order service: “One day, a photographer stepped on me, then I stepped on him. ” We laugh. Marine Le Pen arrives. Speech. The looks are intense. In the background, a man wearing a National Front insignia, the former name of the National Rally: “We’re going to kick them out!” We are at home ! ” We laugh. The meeting is over. People are waiting for the exit of the candidate’s car. It’s euphoria. Car and truck horns. A member of the DPS: “It’s a pity that there is not one who shouts Macron, so that we return the car to him. ” We laugh. Marine Le Pen leaves, walks towards the militants. Cheers. “You are beautiful, we love you! The car drives off. The flags are waving.