Mariupol, that’s why Russia doesn’t attack Azovstal steel mill

Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin has reportedly announced to besiege the Azovstal steel mill rather than attack it because he considers it more appropriate to move Russian forces from Mariupol to other areas of eastern Ukraine. This was revealed by British Intelligence, according to which, the reason behind the choice would be the awareness that an assault would mean heavy losses. According to European Truth, citing the London reports, “Putin’s decision to block Azovstal probably indicates a desire to contain the Ukrainian resistance in Mariupol and release Russian forces to engage elsewhere in eastern Ukraine”. Read also Yesterday Moscow claimed to have control of Mariupol and at the same time announced that it had canceled the assault on the Azovstal steel plant, where the last Ukrainian soldiers are barricaded, as it is not worth the potential loss of Russian lives. “This is the case when we have to think about preserving the lives of our soldiers and officers. There is no need to climb into this catacomb and crawl underground along these industrial structures,” said Vladimir Putin, according to whom the plant goes however, “isolated so that a fly cannot enter or leave.” The Russian president then reiterated that he will guarantee the safety of the Ukrainian military who surrender. According to Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, Ukrainian units would be completely blocked. he then assured that the factory should be captured in the next three to four days.