Shock – Johnny Depp admits having cheated on Vanessa Paradis with Amber Heard in the middle of a trial and gives all the details! – Audience

On April 19, Johnny Depp spoke for the first time at the bar of the court in Fairfax, Washington, in the case between him and his ex-girlfriend, Amber Heard. For nearly three hours, the actor unpacked all his memories, defended himself from having raised his hand on his half and made many crisp confessions, such as that of infidelity. The main interested party returned to the beginnings of their meeting, on the set of Rhum Express, in 2009, in Puerto Rico. Johnny Depp had been in a relationship with Vanessa Paradis for fourteen years at the time. As for Amber Heard, who is claiming no less than 100 million in damages, she had given her heart to a woman. Lily Rose’s dad admitted that during a kiss shot for the film, he “felt things”. Then one evening, the two of them met in the strictest intimacy in his trailer and there, everything went wrong. To the glasses of wine were added dozens and dozens of fiery kisses. This misconduct, Johnny Depp had never mentioned it before. One thing is certain, Vanessa, she is not resentful. She is now on very good terms with her ex and even fully supports him in his fight for the truth, HIS truth! See also: Johnny Depp: zoom on his physical evolution! Apolline Demarchelier