Presidential election 2022: Marine Le Pen “feeds on what we have failed to do”, says Emmanuel Macron on France Inter; the RN candidate defends her measures for purchasing power

For Marine Le Pen, her measures for purchasing power “will benefit the most modest” On purchasing power, Marine Le Pen, guest of CNews and Europe 1 on Friday morning, defended her proposals, which could, according to Emmanuel Macron, “to benefit the wealthiest and the large retailers”. The RN candidate “fully assumes to put in place measures that benefit everyone”. In particular, it wishes to “lower VAT on all energy prices from 20% to 5.5%”. “Obviously this will benefit the most modest, she assured. It is not because there are people who are well off, who will be able to benefit from it, that people who are modest will not be able to benefit from it. You see that it is he who is on the side, in this case of the absurd. According to Ms. Le Pen, the impact of her measures will be “considerable” for French households. “It’s for electricity, a gain of 110 euros per year. This is for gas, a gain of 130 euros per year. For diesel, a gain for the French, of 17.50 euros per tank. It is for fuel 590 euros per year of savings”, she listed, believing that her measures “will benefit those who will need them”. On the abolition of VAT for one hundred basic necessities, which could benefit, according to Mr. Macron, large retailers, Mrs. Le Pen promises that there will be “controls”. “You can imagine that I will not lower VAT, remove VAT on a basket of basic necessities to allow large retailers to make additional margins”, she assured.