Carlos Ghosn case: French justice issues an international arrest warrant against the former CEO of Renault

The former boss of Renault and Nissan has lived in Beirut since his incredible escape from Japan at the end of 2019. 1 min. More than two years after his flight from Japan, will Carlos Ghosn be caught by French justice? The Nanterre public prosecutor’s office (Hauts-de-Seine) announced on Friday April 22 that it had issued an international arrest warrant for the former CEO of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance, who found refuge in Lebanon, at the end of 2019, after having escaped a trial for financial embezzlement which awaited him in Tokyo. This procedure occurs in the context of an investigation, in particular for misuse of corporate assets and money laundering. French investigators are interested in nearly 15 million euros in payments considered suspicious between the alliance then led by the Franco-Lebanese-Brazilian and a distributor of the French car manufacturer in Oman, Suhail Bahwan Automobiles (SBA). The Nanterre investigating judge in charge of the investigation issued five international arrest warrants in total. They target, in addition to Carlos Ghosn, “the current owners or ex-leaders of the Omani company SBA”, said the prosecution. If the arrest warrant is executed, Carlos Ghosn will be directly presented to a Nanterre investigating judge who will notify him of his indictment. “This mandate is very surprising because the investigating judge and the prosecutor of Nanterre know perfectly well that Carlos Ghosn, who has always cooperated with justice, is the subject of a judicial ban on leaving Lebanese territory”, reacted the one of Carlos Ghosn’s lawyers, Jean Tamalet. Already targeted by an arrest warrant from Interpol, the 68-year-old former businessman is indeed forced to stay in Lebanon. During their investigations, the magistrates of Nanterre have already traveled twice to Beirut. Last February, they interviewed two witnesses there. In the previous June, they had proceeded, with magistrates from Paris, to the free hearing of Carlos Ghosn for five days. Share: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share by email Share link