Ukrainian War, Biden: “Putin is truly a butcher”

“Vladimir Putin has not only invaded Ukraine, but he has done much more, he is a butcher, he is truly a butcher”. So Joe Biden, in a speech last night in Oregon, went back to accusing the Russian president of brutality. “I’ve been to Ukraine many times – he added – I don’t want to be a moralist, but it’s true what he’s doing is a shame.” Read also The American president then reiterated that “the most important thing is to keep NATO and Europe united, because I can assure you that Putin believed and hoped that NATO would split and we would not make sacrifices to face what he is doing in Europe. Oriental”. Finally, he warned that “it will take time and effort”, repeating that “I will not send a single American soldier to Ukraine to start World War III”. But it will give “every Ukrainian military the ability to defend himself”, he concluded amid applause. Biden also spoke of China and President Xi Jinping who “is very direct and clear: he does not believe that democracy can work in the 21st century”. And after stating that he got to know the Chinese president well, he said that he shows “the same” anti-democratic “attitude that Putin and many other leaders around the world have.” “Because things are changing rapidly, they do not believe that democracies can adapt”, added the American president who instead reiterated that he “believed in democracy: growth cannot be achieved without unity, it is simply not possible”.