Maddie case: a suspect indicted in Germany, 15 years after the disappearance of the girl – archyde

A new twist in the Maddie affair? A suspect has been indicted in Germany, at the request of Portugal, 15 years after the girl’s disappearance, the Portimão public prosecutor’s office announced on Thursday evening. This person, whose identity has not been confirmed, was indicted on Wednesday, the public prosecutor said. This indictment comes as the German authorities have claimed since 2020 to have evidence of the murder of the little girl, identifying a German repeat child molester, Christian B., already in custody, as the prime suspect. The man was living in Praia da Luz, the town in southern Portugal where Maddie and her family were vacationing, at the time she evaporated, and is currently serving a prison sentence in Kiel, Germany. He has already been sentenced to seven years in prison for the rape, in 2005, of a 72-year-old American tourist, still in Praia da Luz. As a reminder, Maddie’s disappearance is one of the biggest mysteries of recent years. The little Briton was about to blow out her four candles when she vanished from her hotel room in Praia da Luz, Portugal, while her parents attended a dinner party, in May 2007. Her disappearance sparked a campaign exceptional international player to try to find her. Photos of little Maddie, with her bobbed light brown hair and big light eyes, have been seen around the world. On May 2, it will be 15 years to the day that the little girl has given no sign of life.