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Marie ETCHEGOYEN/M6Hélène Darroze will be replaced by Pascal Barbot during the next two episodes of Top Chef on M6.TÉLÉVISION – At the end of the ninth episode of Top Chef broadcast on Wednesday April 13, chef and juror Hélène Darroze was absent from the event last chance for “personal reasons”. At the beginning of October 2021, she announced on social networks the death of her father, who passed on her passion for cooking. A few days later, she also lost her uncle. Two events that occurred during the filming of the show, which explain its absence from the screen also for the next two episodes, broadcast on April 21 and 27, 2022. The chef will be replaced by Pascal BarbotDuring these next two weeks, Hélène Darroze will be replaced by Pascal Barbot, reveals Télé Loisirs. The chef, a former student of Alain Passard, had already appeared in Top Chef during season 12 for a test around rice, and once again to accompany Matthias Marc during another test. He is also famous for having trained with chefs Adeline Grattard, Manon Fleury, Agata Felluga and Tatiana Levha. Pascal Barbot therefore joins the jury made up of Philippe Etchebest, Paul Pairet and Glenn Viel from April 21, 2022. He will support Louise Bourrat, the last candidate of the red brigade, but may also be former members of the show during the “return of the heroes ”, an event eagerly awaited by viewers. This week, the program is exceptionally broadcast on a Thursday, due to the debate between the two rounds, which took place on the evening of Wednesday 20 April. The majority of viewers were therefore expected on TF1 and France 2, not on M6. See also on The HuffPost: On the set of “Top Chef”, what do Stéphane Rotenberg and the chefs eat?