The palace published an unprecedented photograph of the queen on her 96th birthday, but Harry’s grandson probably won’t please her: A new family conflict? –

The Queen’s Jubilee celebrations are approaching, the Queen is now 96 years old, and Prince Harry seems to be back alive just before her birthday. Is there another conflict in the royal family in the world? A gross insult to my brother and father? Prince Harry has stepped on another conflict in the family, will he show up at the Queen’s birthday party? A gross insult to William and Charles? Harry had appeared with Meghan in Europe for the first time since leaving for America, and on their way to Holland, where the 5th Invictus Games took place, they also stopped for tea at Queen Elizabeth’s. At first there was talk of a good signal, and it seemed that the crisis in the royal family might finally improve, but in a later conversation, Harry proved the exact opposite. Doesn’t he deserve to stand on the balcony next to the queen and her family? Photo gallery Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at the opening ceremony during the Invictus Games at Zuiderpark in The Hague Source: Profimedia a memorial service in memory of Prince Philip, which took place at Westminster Abbey last month. He cited security and security problems as a reason, a problem he has been trying to resolve with Britain virtually since he left. Photo gallery Queen Elizabeth during her visit on an aircraft carrier named after her in southern England, May 22, 2021. Source: Profimedia. Although the Queen has a birthday today, April 21, her birthday celebrations did not take place until the summer months, and she is also waiting for the government’s jubilee celebrations, which are scheduled for early June. Harry seems to like to attend the Queen’s celebrations, and all indications are that he would actually come, but a few days after the tea together, he was surprised to say that they probably wouldn’t come, again for security reasons. However, he regrets that the queen has not seen Archie for a long time and has not yet met Lilibet. He said that he missed Archie very much and that he calls her regularly, so he tries to find a place to meet them. Foto So it’s called a surprise: Meghan is back for the first time! In a luxurious costume for thousands of … According to royal experts, Harry does not deserve to participate in the Queen’s celebrations at all. They were annoyed that Harry had come to the queen because he was allegedly trying to protect her and needed to make sure he had the right people around him. “It was great to be with her, it was so nice to see her, she is in great shape. She still has a great sense of humor and I just make sure she’s protected and has the right people around me. Meghan and I had tea with her, so it was really nice to catch her, ”said Harry. Photo gallery Prince Harry and Meghan Markle visited Queen Elizabeth in Britain. Source: Profimedia Experts have massively condemned his allegations and are very angry with the prince’s words. They accuse him of hypocrisy and lies. According to them, it is ridiculous to talk about protecting the queen after they have left the family, given up their duties and thrown the whole family into a crisis whose end is still not over. The harsh insult to Charles and William Harry was also said to have met Prince Charles, just 15 minutes before Meghna and I had flown to the Netherlands. The family’s visit was considered an important “peace move” and it was after her that Meghan and I were invited to attend the Queen’s celebrations. But an additional note came about protection and the “right people” near his grandmother. The royal experts claim that Harry’s allusion was a “gross insult” to Charles and William, with whom he has a very tense relationship, and proof that the duke “does not deserve to attend the jubilee celebrations and be on the balcony.” At the same time, his remark raised further concerns that Harry would not come up with further burning topics and accusations against the family. It has been referred to as a time bomb for several months. Photo gallery Prince Charles with his sons William and Harry Source: Profimedia “Prince Harry says on American television that he makes sure that the queen is protected and has the right people around her. And how? “I think that’s what Prince Charles, Her Majesty and William’s children do, and they support the Queen with deeds – and not just in words,” said Robert Jobson, an expert on the royal family. “Harry’s comment on American television that he is checking that the queen is protected is a gross insult to Prince Charles and William. He stressed even more that he did not deserve to attend the jubilee celebrations and be on the balcony, “agreed royal expert Angela Levin. Concerns about the Netflix documentary. Some of them suspect that he visited the queen with Meghan only because he was accompanied on his way to the Netherlands by a streaming company staff and could not afford to impress him. Philip and at a time when he was having health problems before his death, Harry and Meghan were too busy talking to Oprah Winfrey. Photo Gallery Prince Harry and Meghan Markle arrive at the Invictus Games in The Hague, The Netherlands, April 15 2 022 Source: Profimedia. She noted that she hadn’t been without them since they were born. We will be surprised when Queen Elizabeth meets her grandchildren and whether Harry finally attends the family celebrations. There are three courts waiting for Harry and Meghan this year, what will they cover? 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